WOW – Destiny 2 PC Gameplay (4k @ 60 fps)

Destiny 2 gameplay at 60fps in the beta strike. It was recorded in 4k and should update to that… however I believe youtube didn’t process or its not done processing the 4k options. Took 10 hours to upload and longer to process. Thanks to NVDIA and Activision for allowing me to capture this footage early. This is NOT a paid sponsorship.
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Omi Flash says:

looks fucking boring

John M says:

What a blunt, linear and superficial game, stuffed with nothing but insignificant details…

pit fermi says:

another cod based game for 10y olds

Smckenna38 says:

Those graphics are so clear crisp and smooth.

Gary Meyers says:

Are you using a controller on PC? It sure looks like it by the way you’re moving your view around…

Kexin says:

I’m playing on my PS Pro right now and the smoothness of this his just totally demolish the console. Plus I can see that PC gamers are on a totally different level than console players. If they had concurrent launch PC gamers would easily claim all the world first.

Ethan Roylance says:

this looks so good

Daniel Betz says:

yo how does the username work cuz i got this for pc but is it like a new username for this than my blizzzard name cuz i saw it on blizzard appp

Folgt mir auf Instagram: kw3bs says:


MissMan666 says:

looks crappy

Bill Jinata says:

warframe with a few step..

The Young Republican says:

One less reason to get Destiny 2 on PS4 and even Xbox One also.

Ugly Ass Mofo says:

If only ps4 version was 60 fps. Im tired of games on next gen focusing on optimizing for the best graphics and not for the best performance and gameplay experience.

xvalence _EXP says:

it’s crap it needs to be optimized to 144fps

alain8hunter says:

Yeah I’m definitely waiting for the PC version not going console on this GAME!!

Curry says:

Good video man, Destiny 2 is great on pc and I would never dream of playing Destiny on console again.

Snake Plissken says:

I tried really hard to get into Destiny and I just couldn’t because it was beyond boring IMHO.

I have leveled now a Destiny 2 Warlock up to level 9 and I just can’t do it anymore. I gave it a real shot but I just do not understand the appeal of this game and universe.

Maybe part of it is I have played several MMO’s over the last 15 years and I cannot stand “the grind” anymore, but I’d go back to a new WoW expansion right now if it was available. Oh well.

Daniel Santana says:

Heeeyyy. What is your GPU ??

ma kari says:

will be there also a thrid person option?

Matt Rowbottom says:

I was having some disturbing No Man’s Sky PTSD for a second there

Schmamburger Helper says:

Wow this just absolutely shits on the console versions.

Icer Zerocool says:

Everytime I think about Destiny,I always thought about how many DLCs its going to be.

PathlessBullet says:

Looks like a less entertainingly written and mechanically shallower Borderlands. Nice looking art style though.

David Visien says:

this will be 2 easy on pc..

btw: im excited to see the first cheats when this comes out, pc 4tw

HardcoreWL says:

Definitely doesn’t look like 60 fps.

Omi Flash says:

Sorry but it looks shit.

PKV 8 says:

Switches weapons just to FLEX on people! LOL everything 200 power

Omi Flash says:

I can’t believe I watched it for more than 3 minutes, total bores arse of a game.

Daniel Daguckstdu says:

the onliest thing is good in there is the graphics ..

EchoRift says:

man as soon as i saw that beautiful mouse movement I instantly had an violent orgasm and preordered it.

Justin Christian says:

i love destiny 1 and 2

Omi Flash says:

I will continue to play Overwatch as Widowmaker, this looks shite like zero skill required.

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