WORLD WAR 3 – New Gameplay Walkthrough 2019 – Online Multiplayer FPS War Game

in this video im playing the new multiplayer FPS War game World War 3.

World War 3 is a mutliplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Join the fight in massive, 64-player infantry battles, gain advantage over the enemy with personalized weapons, vehicles and drones. Experience true tactical combat in the global struggle where every battle counts.

Early Access: 19 October 2018 / Windows Pc

Game Website:

Steam Link:


one badmoto says:

Any game using a mouse is for bks

Father says:

This game actually looks better than cod and Bf, I hope it comes to consols 🙁

Brandon Bechal says:

Its not 64 players its like a 10 v 10

Brian Manion Manion says:

I’ve played Battlefield 2 mods that look more enjoyable than this lol

About Me says:


variabl3 says:


Layth Habib says:

Is this bf 3?

AnonimousOtaku says:

The real BF5

Emmett Pendergras says:

Its a terrible bf4 rip off lol

Hameed Falaknaz says:

I want this on console 🙁

Kevin Castillo says:

Battle field

KING RAZER11 says:

For such a small studio compared to these large triple AAA studios, this game is impressive.

RAVEN AK47 says:

Battlefield needs a rival as we’ve seen with BFV

rtze says:

ww3 = call of duty + bf – good job creators

ACC QPQP says:

is this a free online game?

Fernando Albuquerque says:

o som melhorou bastante.

hezinberg Goostaf says:

omg – camper lol

Victor Rivero says:

No the Battlefield we wanted, but the one we needed.

Josh says:

Movement is a little clunky but apart from that it looks good.

Jake says:

cant wait for this

kys fag says:

Shity bf copy

Drop Dead says:

This looks like BF4, it’s just the exact same thing.

Panda Bear says:

Game looks really cool but to top it off will there be character customization?

Eduardo Hernandez says:


iRiNEU MilGrau says:


Alexandre Rigamonti says:


ArmedPeasant says:

I’ll stick to squad and sandstorm

Erlend Kristensen says:

No supersonic bullet cracks = kills the immersion.
The Bollywood “woosh” bullet sound brings this game back into the 90’s.
Nice graphics and animations though. What is different from BF and COD here exactly 😛

Wolfmire Bacta says:

I want to play this game a lot more. I like it, but they need to work on stability and make the main game a stable finish of what they added and promote the PTE more than the base

Saitama Is Using Hacks says:

I would rather buy it instead of that Gayfield V

MerxRTM says:

It looks like its pay to win/have fun.

Exile says:

Inb4 pay 2 win

Muhammed Mullah says:

Is it android game

GameShock says:

Just so you know this game doesn’t have over 400 players at peek times anymore so finding a game with more than 12 players is rare your lucky to find a 5v5

Кирюха Лучший says:



For some reason
I remembered modern combat 5 after watching the start

TheRealwings TT says:

Bro this shit is overhyped garbage for real who the fuck in willing to pay for 2011 graphics in 2019 when games is becoming realistic

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