WITCHFIRE New Gameplay Trailer (FPS Action Game 2019)

Witchfire, a dark fantasy first person shooter set in an alternative world in which witches are real and very dangerous.

• Release Date: TBA 2019 (To be announced)
• Platform: PC

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Егор Хорцев says:


Oozaru85 says:

How often are you gonna upload the same video again and again???

Callan Thomas says:

Looks the goods

marineveteranm4 says:

JAJAJAJAJA parece el trailer de un mod

Aftab khan says:

Dark souls of fps

YourDailyEntertainment says:

This is soo good….it will be record breaking horror game….

ApexPredator 83 says:

I remember Darkwatch.

Sanguine Seraph says:

Oh man looks fantastic and would be nice if it was developed for Xbox One X!

Janmejay Rathore says:

First like

SkepticalZombie says:

My like is #665… it is up to you now, gentle heathen m/

Gio E. King Fan 67 says:

This will be the new Painkiller.

Aftab khan says:

Looks good!!!!

Xander Park says:

What is the approximate release date for this?

Buffalo's Blacklist says:

release it on Xbox one x!

Knoss Jenksen says:

Looks fucking great

AlkamistStar says:

Awesome, it reminds me of a mixutre of: The Hunt Showdown, Vermentide 2, and Dark Souls…Impressive!

Carsten-Plads says:

I just wish more games would come on console! I just tend to prefer that experience in the theater room on the big screen, just feels like I’m really lost into a game.

Martin Rex says:

dont get it what is cool buy him shooting a crate? xD

the tIgEr says:


awesomejf03 says:

Looks great. Can’t wait to get this game

steve arbogast says:

Please bring this to consoles!!!

Koppány Gáspár says:

Pretty fucking good for a game that is being developed by 8 people, especially that they themselves said that they are not professionals

8KAIJU8 says:

looks too good to be true this game will probably be bad considering the track record of indie developers.

The Void says:

No Depth of field and blur please….

Integrali4 YKT says:

Hunt: Showdown of normal player

Lapine DZ says:

i miss painkiller 2004, it was a masterpiece

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