WITCHFIRE New Gameplay Teaser (FPS Action Game 2019)

Witchfire New Gameplay Teaser (New FPS Action Game 2019)

• Release Date: TBA 2019
• Platform: PC

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Sawizzard says:

When you think “Oh, that church with vines on it looks exactly like the one in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter” and a second later the video reads: “From the creators of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter”

MrMalawk says:

Reminds me of Clive Barkers Undying, can’t wait for this one!

Мансур Ильясов says:


Marjan Terčelj says:

Massive bosses? That is what i adored in Painkiller. They were really massive.

Joey Martin says:

Hopefully it comes out for ps4

Journey says:

The artstyle is creamy. Im excited for this.

Bastard says:

Darkwatch Next Gen haha

Pixel Gecko says:

It’s already very well polished, I like it

Randy Marsh says:

Man just got my pants wet

Joel says:

Es igual a un juego de ps2

Andrew Beavers says:

Fresh looking, so bored with everything out right now. I hope this comes to console

Sulyvanh Grand maitre says:

They played dark souls 3 they wanna copie.. With their style.

Nesta mlambo says:

Cant wait till the games out graphics are amazing

Jo flyserj says:

2019 is a good year for shooters

Dark Man says:

it looks kool

Alphonsedabeast says:

I hope they use a healing system simular to escape from tarkov. I dont like how enemies evaporate. If they staggered and lost limbs. Minor mutilation to big enemies. Enemies use gruesome methods to stop bleeding. And I want to feel the blood and gore exploding in my face while I kill these horrific gothic looking monsters in a fast pace but cautious manner.

Parth Patel says:

Almost forgot about this game

Florian Ivezić says:

Looks incredible.. photogrammetry on next level

Roby Pigus says:

need half life 3 for rework fps like half life 1 and 2 do

Valerijonas Anuzis says:

Dark souls + Painkiller = WitchFire

Zeus Delorne says:

Bulletstorm went a bit too heavy on the lewd and crude for me but gameplay was fantastic and story was surprisingly well done. Hopefully this game is equally as fun.

Death Realm says:

Dark souls with guns in first person

irfanimp says:

ı miss you painkiller ah ah…

psychonaut038 says:

Holy shit. This looks 100 times better then metro

NoOb bolado says:

This is the same gameplay from a year ago lol

kongiponki kongiponki says:

another shooter boring

HeLLraiser391 says:

This is exactly the same Gameplay as I saw it before one year +

kwiateg says:

it will be game of the year! :O

Jay Kay says:

Nice pretty trailer I guess.

Adam Small says:

Hopefully on console too

iGottaReactToThat says:

Darkwatch Pog

Cory Thesuit says:

Spiritual successor to Darkwatch maybe? Looks badass.

Matt Stiles says:

Best looking game ever

Ameldan Calippo says:

Oh boy! PainKiller and BulletStorm…

trtr rgrg says:

Damn, I don’t think my 1060gtx can run this. Looks lovely.

dion jay woollaston says:

First you had my curiosity now you have my attention

Manuel Monteiro says:

Looks really good.

XOcarretriangle Gaming says:

Remind me a bit of Hunt:Showdown solo

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