The BEST LOOKING FPS Game at E3! – Destiny 2 PC Gameplay E3 2017

Destiny 2 PC Gameplay from E3 2017.
What were your top 10 games from E3 2017?

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Dallas Patterson says:

baron I’ll I ask is just show all forms of customization, of these games because Star war clone legions I’ve always been interested in

Kaladin's Battalion says:

I played the first destiny and it looks amazing! I am so hyped for this game!

jingles subscriber/salt mine slave says:

the metal guy with he glowing mouth was the guy who played castle…

Esli lopez says:

battlestations!!!!!….. “noobs”…

nfsfanAndrew says:

destiny 2 does not impress me at all. and i dont see enough (so far) to differentiate it enough from the first game to warrant a purchase.

Cygnus X-1 says:

Nah going to pass. I have zero faith in them after the crap that was pulled in the first game.
Edit: Not best looking game either.

Aaron Russo-Uceda says:

He baron can you do a world of warships with the Bismarck

DebtlessWalnut says:

Did you not see Metro: Exodus? That’s the best looking fps.

Codename: S.A.N.S says:

I bet my life that what you saw at E3 is either not gonna be in game at all, or one mission and everything else looks normal.

KnightAPex617 says:

God Barron learn to shut the hell up when someone in the game is talking pls

Matthew Dadoly says:

I’m a die hard destiny player I’m maxed on all my characters

Cap'n Mikee says:

1. Destiny 2
2. Sea of Thieves
3. Assassins Creed
4. Battlefront 2

Alpine Sniper says:

im not interested in a game because it has cool floating ships in the background lol much less buying it

starkiller2023 says:

Destiny for me is #1 for me

Sam Waters says:

Baren your really playing warlock at the start REALLY

Troy Jones says:

Man he said a funny joke. He said the words “Destiny” and “Story Line” in the same sentence…

Military says:


BritishSu Eccles says:

Fuck cod; Minecraft building, women shouting, no swastika piece of shit! Destiny 2 All the way

CD Person says:

Don’t play destiny 1. I thought I was maybe 1/10th of the way through because of only a couple cutscenes and going to the same area over and over again. So I took a 1 year break to play some other games. Came back, played 1 mission… that was it. That was the final mission. The game was so short and boring that I didn’t even realize that I was at the end. Then they came out with a bunch of dlc and so I bought it hopping that it would improve the game. I beat most of the dlcs in a day or two. I wasn’t even that high in level. If Destiny 2 is actually good, I might buy it but I don’t trust this series any more.

SoFish Antonio says:

I am going to be soooooo poor in November

Ward Janssen says:


SigmaZer0 says:

Anthem was the best looking ActioRPG FPS not Destiny 2.

Julian Cusick says:

And please keep talking through the whole video

Matthew Dadoly says:

Love your video

Katakoyzenos,MXII Christophoros,D says:

your lucky to get the games

Julian Cusick says:

I have 2 words to say not interested

cje 15114 says:

100% playing destiny 2

Jean Lionel Picard says:

baron, I played through destiny 1 and played some dlc, and I can safely say, you MUST play it

Jody Spence says:

hey barron i here mount and blade is releasing a 2nd version if true it would be great to see the power house do a full charge and as always enjoy youre channels

Cap'n Mikee says:

Destiny 2 looks amazing, spent so many hours in destiny and I can’t wait to spend even more in destiny 2. It’s definitely the game I’m most excited for. That being said, I honestly think it’s too late to try destiny one.

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