STAR CITIZEN: Alpha 3.0 HIGH FPS Gameplay – 4K Ultrawide


How to Achieve High FPS:

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Broccoli_32 says:

Don’t do this anymore it’s breaking CIG’s TOS

DreamQ says:

The game has a very very long way to go in terms of gameplay and many other features. I’ll say it 30% done in 5 years so i’ll be expecting the final version in (2027) that’s if we are lucky enough that it hasn’t all been big Con. For an open world game, it has plenty of restrictions on movement. “WHERE IS THE FUN?!!” It suppose to be game. Not a CGI documentary

Astrix says:

Love your content dude.

Mxgtumgoten says:

Thx for 21:9 !!! Finally

Snakeyes says:

Wow! Huge difference with fluid game play. I’m considering pledging for a Prospector this sale. Gotta make a living in SC. LOL! If CIG manages to get SC optimized someday it will be a dream come true.

Abhay Rana says:

how big is the current map of star citizen? like how long does it take to go from “one end” of the game universe to the other “end”? Or is there no such thing and will the game universe be increasing with future updates and dlcs?

actorsnonactors says:

Your gear was down on the fighter I think

wesler218 says:


Tacoraptor says:

Thank the almighty heavenly father of the heavens of the interdenominational beings of the mankind civilization and the 3rd dimensions that I found a fucking high fps, fluid and crispy Star Citizen video

Sax Panther says:

Just FYI, you failed the mission at 21:53, probably because you moved too far away from the ship you were escorting or he died or something.

Games says:

what is the spec for his pc what GPU is he using?

spankthemunkey1 says:

i just got bored of the game ages ago, this game will never be finished.

Quinch says:

Almost a perfect VR game. I just hope my wallet can keep pace with what’s needed for the game as it continues to add features.

Asunagie94 says:

First !! Awnsome Video

Klasco Unknown says:

What is it with you and landing gears 😛

Raajur says:

Man, it looks SO much more fun with smooth FPS and gameplay. Like, wow! PLEASE CIG OPTIMIZE OPTIMIZE OPTIMIZE. <3

Djcoco34 says:

Tilted with landing gears!! Good video anyways 🙂

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