SplitGate: Halo-Meets-Portal Multiplayer FPS! (Splitgate Alpha Gameplay)

Splitgate, a new arena shooter from 1047 Games is now in Alpha testing! This game is insane!
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Mr Grub says:

Thats nice. Pros and g.i joes. Hope ppl make it a point to shot through the portals.

Nino Escalera says:

why does the fanatical site look like pornhub?

steven lemmon says:

Love the vids keep it up!

Unu- Copter says:

Will it free on release

Zwenk Wiel says:

I always wondered why valve didnt something like this, portals in a MP FPS just makes so much sense

Seems like u cant use or see trough otber ayers portals in thi s video though, that would kind of suck

Edgar M says:

Will this release in console?

Braun Stokes Men says:

No thank you

Samuel Duncan says:

Was up big fry

Buraun says:

Looks damn good.

LT_ Skull says:

Looks very fun!

Wayzz says:

tfw you found a key but it has already been activated

Leunam Kairus says:

Pretty cool

Dev M says:

you would probably get more views if you were actually good at the games u play, just went like 1 and 27 LUL

The Fear says:

Did anyone find the key in the video??

PrinceAnarchy says:

I love the veterans. I love my ex military. I’ve got military experience myself. But this looks like a poor mans lawbreakers. This is just my brutally honest opinion. It’s a game supported by a gimmick and it’s doomed to fail. Bring the hate on. But my opinion stands.

UNL0CK says:

this looks really fun

Rustshot Gaming says:

Need that key tho

Dirty_Birdy1 says:

Glad I turned you on to this game. I’m small_frytv and I recommended you check out the trailer. Happy to know you could help support charity

TheTimoprimo says:

Wasn’t this game a subject of some game journalist’s rant? I don’t remember the exact details, but it did happen.

Quode says:

This is sick. NGL.

Sputnik says:

Someone activated the key already, congratulations to whoever got it 😀

Monkey Succ says:

Imo this game is boring as hell

Cid1 says:

looks Intersting

DuckRotation says:

I’m so confused why this hadn’t happened already when the first one came out

Charity Knights - Gaming Content der Hilft. says:

I like the Idea, but i think this is not what i prefer in an FPS.

arcticridge says:

this will be dead in a year, because that’s just what happens now

Greg J says:

This game has serious potential.

Luke says:

This doesn’t really look like halo at all

ReaLegend says:

DO A REVIEW ON ALMOST ALIVE. Game seems like a good example of a small team that is making a indie title right.

FragArena99 says:

DAMN <3 WHEN is it dropping ???????

Daniel Chung says:

U should do a review on Portal and portal 2

A A says:

Icy was in the video or someone using that name?

VirtueRL says:

I would actually play this game, not a big fan of these type of games, but I would get it.

comanderC2121 says:

This looks quite fun. Might pick it up

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