RIDE 3 – Race at 60 FPS

Here’s why we strived to reach 60 FPS on PS4 PRO, Xbox One X and PCs (depending on its hardware) for their motorbike racer. And the result is wonderful on PS4 PRO. Read a bit more about it: https://ridevideogame.com/news/60-fps-on-ride-3/

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Christinator HD says:

I Only play in 144 xD
Sry Ride 3

Blake says:

When playing Ride 2, if you’re going 200 mph and you drop 2 fps, It’s catastrophic. Make sure your computer is capable of holding the fps the entire time.


Good job ! Thank you for ‘ ride 3 ‘ !


Plzzz add fat tyres and extended bikes

Yeah bOi says:

Good work guys

Alan Baker says:

This graphic is killing! it Get your own for 4k consoles, you can have more valuable in with strong definition of photo-realistic

Jorge Sprinter says:

Is more important physic realistic Styles gpbikes

SkeDav says:

Could someone tell me if the game is gonna run at 60fps?

Khraxxy says:

The sounds bikes gonna be good 😀


I can make videos for you on any motorcycle.

fireoil says:

You shoul ride for real in the nurburgring in germany once in your lifetime. I train thanks to the ride 2 video documentary from the nurburgring, from 90’s, with a fully motorcycle lap commented turns by turns. and do the ride 2 track month before and i enjoyed the track finally. Of course lots of backside training over years and travel and more than 10 years o the road… but the game make me more confidant and it was part of the objective.

Kawasany says:

Жду с радостью и надеюсь увидеть kawasaki zx10r 04-05 )))

Simon Petkov says:

I hope there will be supermotos and they will have that lovely BRAAP to it ❤

Cough cough ktm 690smc r

Marlon Rodrigues says:

Aindo quero ver um Ride em mundo aberto

Nick Chronic says:

and again the horizontal helmet cam lock

YaBoiJoe says:

First person looks sick!

harshlens says:

Well it’s not “helmet view” per say, coz there isn’t the helmet outline… as a rider, you do see the outline of your helmet.


60 fps is a wise choice but i hope you didn’t dumb down the graphics to achieve that .Anyway if the game runs 1440p/60 fps on consoles it will be good enouph

Jayvtwin says:

YES milestone! that is great news!thank you. =)

kolysion says:

no cockpit view fixed like motogp18 ???

TT gamer channel says:


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