READY OR NOT Gameplay Trailer Teaser 4K SWAT Team FPS Game (2017)

READY OR NOT Gameplay Trailer Teaser 4K SWAT Team FPS Game (2017)

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Glendon Jurado says:

soon my ass

TwitchIsO p says:



This game is zombie???

Ograws says:

I gotta feeling the shots of the school is what Ready or Not will depict of a real event such as Columbine

Miles Ford says:

Rs6 story mode

Nicezombie24 says:

anal staircase best staircase

Fistimus Maximus says:

this related to swat 4? where you could arrest people for 5 points instead of 1 for kill?

Quinton Dai says:

The music is Air by Bach.

Max Teky says:

If you’re gonna show off gameplay of a game alot of people seemed hyped for, atleast make sure it doesn’t look like choppy, low fps trash.

Death says:

i’m confused wtf is this, horror game or something like Rainbow Six Seige??

Cody Borak says:

gameplay looks 2005.

Good Vibes Only says:

Wtf is this graphics it’s so shitty it should be for iPad

Boneco do Jhon Travolta says:

wow! nice graphics

Top Dog says:

Worst teasers ever! Give us some proper gameplay

VelociFaptor365 says:

I’m a bit worried. The gameplay they showed looked _terrible_ by today’s standards. I hope this improves drastically otherwise I may not buy it…

SupaChupacabra says:

They should’ve worked on it more before they released a trailer because that didn’t look too good. But I have high hopes for this game.

cumnmrmpt aaa says:


PriestessofKek says:

Obviously the game won’t look half as good as the cinematic trailers do…
but god damn I’m still salivating over how beautiful the art direction is. I’ve got to find out the names of the art creators and the director.

Charizard Dragon says:


Anvil Montenegro says:

this trailer is deeper than the mariana trench

carsonkaneking says:

possibly the laziest trailer for a game i have ever seen for a game in my life. hell i went to school for that shit i can make a better trailer for free

Theunknowngamer 551 says:

Who thinks that this will go down like rainbow six siege l

Kaiden Villanueva says:

Ive been awake all fucking night from yesterday its 4:21 x)

Putamus viam semper esse says:

i hope it’s not gonna be another boring online shooter,single player and coop i hope.

Thomas Armstrong says:


Omio Rahman says:

Swat vs pizzagate

Cody Borak says:

what’s the classical music that starts at 1:20 it made this trailer?

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