READY OR NOT Gameplay Demo (New FPS Swat Game 2020)

READY OR NOT Gameplay Walkthrough Demo (New FPS Swat Game 2020)

Ready or Not is a tactical first person shooter which places you in the boots of an elite SWAT team, tasked with defusing hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments.

• Release Date: Q4 2020
• Platform: PC



LHsystem gaming says:


Wanderson macedo says:

Rip rainbow six

Александр Цариградский says:

When you’re trying to be siege, but remain faceless

Justice In Gaming_JIG says:

On consoles please.

De Nis says:

SWAT4 from Sierra Studio was super.

The Real Truth says:

I can’t wait to play this game…

MrGrandfather88 says:

LoL. Copy Mechanic Escape from Tarkov + Swat.

Ar4ibald says:

like SWAT4 from Sierra

TKDiniz1 says:

I don’t give a danm about anything,if this game gives me the feeling of Swat 3 and 4,I’LL FRIGGIN BUY IT

Sirdiggar says:

“Ready or Not’s view on America is: Downtrodden, cruel and corrupt.

So basically the same as IRL then.

Fun Gamer says:

New Swat 5???

Brady Gelskey says:


Lando Magic says:

Have they said anything about a console release?

Ozzy says:

Yeah, well good by Year 5 pass hello Ready or Not

Tairentt says:

Es como SWAT 4 pero con graficasos

The Truth says:

This is great! I’m surprised this is getting good feed back as much as bitch ass people hate cops.

Kelvin Martinez says:

This game looks pretty great.

Yeet That Meat says:

Looks fun cant wait for the release date

Rob Davis says:

Hopefully we dont have another anthem on our hands

Kristian Torres says:

Illuminati at 4:32?

Bruce Brown says:

God! The SWAT 3 and 4 nostalgia are rushing back!!

Soufiane K says:

Rainbow Six Siège 2.0

Christopher Johnson says:

They have atleast a year before this game is solid. If it doesnt die first. Mark my words it wont be ready for release when they release it. And they will have many microtransactions

Richard Cocks says:

I hope that the winning/losing is so precariously variable that there is no decisive Rock/Paper/Scissors way to win, unlike in R6:S. This is what R6:S should’ve been, and I hope the PvP is only -slightly- more arcade feel than SWAT 4; I don’t want to communicate to some task check system in a PvP setting…the only people I should be talking to is my team.

Lots of hopes for this game.

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