Ready or Not – First Gameplay (New Hardcore SWAT Tactical FPS Game) 2019

Ready or Not – First Gameplay (New Hardcore SWAT Tactical FPS Game) 2019


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Bruno Pessoa says:

This what Rainbow Siege 6 should had been.

Gabriel Silva says:


Frank Things says:

“ready or not will be a tactical game”
mission: arrest pedo
*F B I O P E N U P*

Zuri campbell says:

To bad the official release will be too watered down to recognize

DurexDurpaneu2 says:

Movement is stiff as fuck

Gustavo Oliveira says:

Rainbow Six de Taubaté

supsupb0i says:

looks good

shane says:

The successor to swat4 that we have been waiting for

lolo27234 says:

It’s swat 5 finally

Flavio GO says:

Rainbow Six Siege > Ready or Not

R. Poe says:

What platform?

newkeyo says:

It’s just like swat I can’t wait

Ancient CO-OP Game says:

SWAT 4, it’s you?! This game look like very good!

Rainbow Gryphon says:

Looks good, I like the part where they let me modify the game

Aimstar TV says:


Joey Czarnionka says:


Daniel Volosin says:

What siege should have been! I’m ready!

Jizanthapus says:

6:05 LOL thug in the bottom right straight up just fires a round into the ground while casually walking.

Morph Verse says:


Rainbow Six aint got shit on this new joint.
This is not a mainstream pop culture game, this is an actual game with care..

zSmasher says:

Bring it to consoles please .

Tanner Vincent says:

that missed marksman shot at 3:50 though hahaha

Kevin Medina says:

Ppl are gonna play it like r6:s i gurantee it.

Lucas Jones says:

Is this PS3??? Looks dated.

Salom902 says:

Finally a true tactical fps game.

Onur Eren Kayıkçı says:

Seems like Siege. But OK

Niklas Palicki says:


Klaus P. says:

oh fuck its swat 4 😀 great !!!! i want it so hard but pls dont make a turn to a dumb COD oder rainbow six siege…..let the game realistic !

EI Tadashi says:

Mod Support hell yeah!!!

Ochko G says:

that’s better than rb6 siege

ay0kay says:

Looks very slow

Anime is a serious Disease says:

So, is this multiplayer?

Weihnachtsmann says:

Can play only 2 players on a map/mussion or we need more? Is it coming up to ps4??

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