RAGE 2 – 30 Min of Gameplay DEMO – New Open World FPS Game 2019

Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses – Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, the gods of the first-person shooter – to deliver a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.

Release: Q2 2019 / Pc, Ps4, XBoxOne

Game Website: https://bethesda.net/en/game/rage2


Aidan Martin says:

Fuck you this is not gameplay footage its an advert. Another vague advert with a corporate bullshit narrator fuvk this bullshit. Bane of youtube

Kris says:

Fucking controller movement. Use a mouse to showcase the game instead of letting people get sick of this nonsense.

blaakheart8 says:

Thumbs down the video , ads in Spanish…. Unacceptable

Papa Glock says:

That should bring back John Goodman for another voiced character again he was great.

Umm Idk says:

I heard ‘completely free of load screens’ I’m gettin it

whosPixL says:

Please give us a Rage Remastered

blaakheart8 says:

How can you cause that much trauma to a human body and there is barley any blood or dismemberment. This is the same people who made doom… Daf fuq

Aesuran says:

“30 Min of Gameplay”
more like 30 minutes of the same mission taken from different videos

Dankman says:

For the love of gaming. Please start using a god damn mouse and keyboard when doing FPS demos. It’s been over 20+ years now with this

Doom2exe says:

This is ID I have high hopes for this and Doom Eternal.

Parsifal says:

If nothing else, I will buy this for the vehicles with weapons. Been wanting a good combat racing game. Just wish the theme was scifi instead of junkyard apocalypse.

Today Is the day says:

Hey besides shooting is there loot to maybe cooler guns

Capricorn says:

I hope developers will make an ability to configure joysticks dead zones to make rotations of the head more smoothly. For example as it was made in Titanfalls 2 or Dying light. I would like to remove dead zones at all.

Tunguska says:

To bude krávovina!

UrDaemon82 says:

Downgrade in 10..9..8……

thewoolycontacts says:

“Dont forget the hellfire mortor. ”
*uses it*

* kills nothing*

Ill be sure to forget it next time lmao

00UncommonSense00 says:

well fuck me sideways, there goes what little life I had left…

Le Svix says:

Feels like a destiny clone, combat feels boring and I don’t expect a good story or interesting gameplay.

Connor Wilson says:

Why haven’t bethesda modified this engine to facilitate fallout and the elder scrolls? Lazy lazy lazy.

fusionmechanic1 says:

Dang no robot sentries that was my favorite weapon in first rage

paco2012av says:

Damn this is going to be downgraded like a mothafucker!

Papa Glock says:

That should bring back John Goodman for another voiced character again he was great.

Resmarax says:

Would you please RELOAD YOUR GUNS!

AllYourBase says:

epic downgrade

SaltyCow says:

This was a great reveal! Besides the lady yelling in my ear the whole time and explaining things I see

peter kappler says:

Looked like the cyberpunk 277 presentation AF with that comentator voice and stuff

Philosophy's Pajamas says:

Maybe id software should like… maybe, take over ALL of Bethesda

TheTokelosh says:

i dunno, i think people would prefer a proper quake one sequel instead of this. looks…generic.

ilaDali says:

Why are game devs so cringey on stage

Tolga Kuyubasi says:

MAD MAX & Borderlands have a child.

*RAGE 2!*

B0p G0d says:

Open world DOOM, hype

雷神Raijin says:

doom, borderlands and rage all for the price of 59.99 and for the 3 games + season pass 79.99 and for the deluxe edition 129.99! also the season pass is not included in the deluxe edition.

red crimson102 says:

I’m a big rage fan, loved the first game while other edits complained about the ending, i’v seen worst. They wouldn’t be making a second one if the first game was bad

Meh shit says:

Rage 2>>>>> rage 1

Ziggnord says:

Why are there so many warring women raiders?
It looks silly. As in DICE games

cookie842 says:

Usually if a trailer has to demonstrate a lot of needless movement in a combat scenario, is usually a red flag for lackluster game-play. Bargain bin in 2 months.

blaakheart8 says:

All these games are trying to copy doom but understand this, doom is eternal

alextheromanian says:

well the first one only took them 15 or so years to finish. development had started around the BF2142 era….and by the time it was finished it was no longer impressive or ground breaking.

and it was insanely average from looks to the gameplay as a….”fetch sim”

second one….meh from what i see. it reminds me more of bulletstorm.

CloudandZack1st says:

Anyone else find the fov atrocious? (i’m sure it’s changeable)

EmptyNone says:

Looks pretty as hell with these bright colours. It gives me horizon zero dawn vibes.

ExplosiveMushrooms Gaming says:

Looks really clunky. Don’t think I’m gonna buy this one.

P B says:

why gameplay looks fake ? XD

Louis jeweet says:

The FOV my god..

Timmy G says:

God damn how many time you gotta shoot someone to kill them lmao

Syuna says:

This looks way better then that cyberpunk shit by projekt red this is the true look of post apocalyptic war zone

Barry S says:

I still think the first Rage had the best enemies of any game I’ve played. The way they moved, shot, and died was better than any other. However, the game as a whole lacked in every aspect. The story was shallow and the ending was laughable. I think this game will redeem itself in some respects but it’s still an id shooter, which means more action rather than any kind of difficulty. There’s just something addictive about a game that warrants you to get better at it, and I don’t find id’s AAA games to be like that at all. and yes I know they made quake.

Pasan Mayakaduwa says:

hope they include some co-op

hill man says:


Jerimiah Arias says:

Rage 1 feels better

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