Project CARS 2 4K 60 FPS Gameplay

Project CARS 2 is the ultimate driving simulation game; emulating real-world physics and authenticity like no other. With a staggering amount of gameplay options, players can create almost any kind of racing scenario they can think of.

Project CARS 2 is available now on Steam:

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logesh kumar says:

This is the perfect example of art meeting with engineering perfection a job well done by the Nvidia team yet again , have to play this in 1080p tho with my gtx 1060


You should of got someone who can drive, apart from that looks good

lecterro says:

Graphic on regular Xbox is a shame. Physics well so so, but FFB dramatic in compare to Assetto Corsa, and graphics on AC is also much better on Xbox. But for PC2 good thing is content I mean cars and tracks. What is very annoying is that basicly you need to set FFB per car not once nd the problem is how to set it to have realistic FFB. I was driving in real life 458 Italia, GTR and Huracan and I know how it feels. AC is close, PC2 is far far away …

Ahmed Elsagheer says:

in my to play in 4K

King Klausi says:

very nice

ARMA-PRO says:

y donde está el monitoreo para ver los 60 fps?????

MeeareMarkus says:

Gotdamn! Stop tempting me! You know very well my PC will burst into flames if I try to run this marvellous game in 4k. Also I don’t have a 4k monitor so I guess I’m screwed anyways right?

Marmorkuchen2 says:

Racing games…imo the perfection of video games

sairaj says:

awesome #Gamescom #GameReady

Ryan rosenberg says:

This looks like crap with the amount of jagged edges. Throw some MSAA at it for crying out loud…

Youtube Heroes says:

We’re getting pretty close to insanely realistic video games 😀

karan valvi says:

Real GeForce Experience 😀

Chimichanga says:

4K! 60 FPS! Project Cars 2!… I can only keep on dreaming.

rafaat ashour says:

stunning 4k !!


Nvidia please update driver for battlegrounds unknowns please

Gunnem says:

youtube maxes at 1080p 60fps currently so uhmmm….

Keatononame says:

Whoever is playing this is fucking awful

josivan silva says:

not 60 fps all the time of the video…

Guy Kazemeka says:

Yaaay nice cars

Optimal Prime says:

Can not run 60fps in 1080p and u post stuff like this. A disgrace to humanity, not willing to spread this joy all over the world, u should give away 1 million 1080ti’s and make the world great again!

James Devil says:


Sanus Hydra says:

The game looks good at 4K 😀

nog log says:

this is love man

plopnow says:

Ps4 cant run at this level and so i cant play at 4k 60

Justin0018 P says:

Lot of good racing game coverage brought to you by Nvidia, thx

John Camilo Egenias says:

Wow its amazing watching it on a 1080p monitor

Ameer Hamza says:

This game is epic when you play it on ultra high graphics it looks realistic this is the future of games.

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