Post Scriptum First Look – My New FAVORITE WWII Tactical FPS (Post Scriptum Gameplay)

Hey guys! Today we check out our first look at Post Scriptum which I think is my new favorite WWII Tactical FPS. Get more Post Scriptum Gameplay by subscribing!


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Outro music is Johari – Adrenaline


Joseph Amsler says:

@18:46 That sound is so sweet you could recognize it anywhere… Rolls Royce

Client Comfy says:

Good game,but i have a old pc,so this game is not for me,but im going to buy a new pc, so)))

Antondre Sucks says:

After all of your EFT videos, it was destined you’d play with DevilDogGamer sometime.

TheWarlord says:

Really a awesome game,i think Karma going to fall in love with it.

Pedro Gallardo says:

looks nice

Ian Briggs says:

Of course slickbee is in the tank

Aleksandar Stanojkovic says:

Much better than squad. The vehicles make all the difference, and squad isnt gonna implement tanks etc anytime soon. Also, the pacing is much better because of the slow rate of fire and big and open maps (which are btw realistic done with scans od that area). Too bad they decided not to implement air vehicles. I wanted this game just to get inside a p47, even if it was arcady like project reality is. The communication is the key, and thats why I always loved to fly cas or trans in games like this.

Robert Watt says:


Not Complicit says:

Was this not meant to be a free mod? Is it stand alone now ??

Go4EZ says:

WTF this game seems to run better on better graphics settings than SQUAD… :/ Sooo, OWI are the worst optimizers…?

Ace Arellano says:

so is there gonna be a mortar mayhem video of post scriptum?

Jeroen says:

It is gonna be cool to play this game like squad, but you gotta be honest in the beginning you say it is not a clone off squad. It is squad with a reskin. Squad will get a update then this game will. Of course gameplay things will be different.

Chris James says:

I’m sorry, Call of What? Day of Who? This is where it’s at. Can’t wait to play this.

Keldow says:

so they all had Comms back in ww2?

Roka Nabil says:

Okay HUD looks exactly like SQUAD.. u cant hear the other team talking to each other like SQUAD..

Aidan W says:

The graphics seem noticeably better in this than in Squad, just better texture work maybe?

Stephen Clugston says:

Looks great exactly what I was looking for but my only concern is the squad channel radio… they didn’t have radios on every soldier back then like they do now. That was the first thing I noticed watching the game play. Ever see Band of Brothers? Spiers ran through the German line so that he could relay information to I company (I think it was I) all because they didn’t have radios for every soldier during the time period.

thats jazztasic says:

4:36 “the money shot” oh lol

Dunelmdrummer says:

Are the planes player controlled?

Helmi Rhamadan says:

If only they have Omaha beach maps, that would be great

Constantine XI says:

I hope they remove shift zoom when aiming down sights

Bart De Vuyst says:

I’m curious how this will compare to ‘Hell Let Loose’

Nathaniel West says:

So, I’d love for you to do a collaberation video with other youtubers/streamers talking about your collective aspirations, thoughts, and critiques of post scriptum. I feel like this game will be a great source of entertainment for your’s, and other’s subscribers. If this comment can get a decent number of likes maybe you’ll consider it. Looking forward to this game and more content. Maybe we can start a discussion in this comment thread as well.

Tom Berry says:

i need this game in my life

Josh Borr says:

I like your play style. Very aware. But it seems your squadmates are either pussies or plain retarded

OZTutoh says:

I hope they have moving targets on the firing range. That bolt-action seems crazy hard to shoot with. Are you holding Shift to hold breath?

Colin Moynes says:

those spitfire sounds….my god. perfection

Highfarm TV says:

Does anyone of u know if it’s possible to pre order? – like an early access or some..

A richtig B flsch says:

I hope they dont fuck this up…. This looks like a game I really would buy a new laptop for…

MrNationalWonder says:

Wow, I just noticed you were playing with DDG haha.. I heard the voice I was like wait a second thats Devil Dog. 17:42

Daniel Raimo says:

Holy shit. They really seem to be doing this right. Glad to hear the sound design coming together, as well. Those early temp sounds had me worried, but this sounds fantastic.

Dr. Fresh_2k says:

DAMN THIS DUDE IS NICE! RACKING UP BODIES! I like your aggressive play style.

Mohamed Ali says:

It’s very very nice

kyle petit says:

this game looks pretty legit

Mohamed Ali says:

It’s very nice

A richtig B flsch says:


nicholas loydell says:

I love the blood compared to squad

Andrew clarke says:

oh the sexy sounds of the planes doing flyovers


man looks amazing. cant wait.

Mojjoh says:

My god this looks fantastic. Can’t wait to play!


are real ppl flying the planes?

Mirzet Karabegovic says:

Looks like squad just in WW2

[TC]Tactical says:

Karma do you think this is a possible rival to RO2?

Pieter-jan Pittomvils says:

Same icons and layours as squad but yea im hyped after seeing this , great videos !

Devin McNamara says:

You play Post Scriptum, I get ads for COD WW2. NICE TRY ISIS, NOT TODAY!

nick the-greek says:

what a game!

Savage Shocktart says:

Added this game to my wishlist. Take my money now plz

Arditya Ariapratama says:

Jesus Lord W O W

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