PES 2019 4K 60 FPS Gameplay Barcelona vs Liverpool (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Enjoy PES 19 4K 60 FPS Gameplay! PES returns this year with PES 2019. New PES 19 Gameplay! What do you think about new PES 19 Gameplay? What is better FIFA 19 or PES 19? Let me know!

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Terry Caine says: it realy gameplay? I am fifa player bud i am saying now: GO TO HELL EA!!

Nugroho Tyo Kwan says:

rip pes 2019 ps3/xbox360

Heisenberg says:

Nice, but no 🙂

AndrésAlphaCode says:

El pes es mucho mejor que el fifa


You guys talking about license you can download the patch and customize your kits on PES WORLD YOU CAN EVEN PUT ON OLD KTS, CLASSIC KITS… EVEN GET THE CLUB BADGES AND THE LOGOS. DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT LICENSE.


I really love FIFA for the gaming, but in this year is very difficult to say that one of these games is better


But the problem is it’s too easy to score goals

Wasi Sahi says:

I watch the video with quality 760p ans it was like wow

Jemma Pitts says:

I used to play pro evo on the ps2 loved it and havnt really played a lot of sport games since I just found the demo of this game to be a bit sluggish, sorry if u found offence in what I put

AntYoureen says:

Still shit!

Jugantar Hazarika says:

Nice beautiful graphics

xboxmedien says:

Thanks for watching! Let’s get 1000 Likes for more PES 2019 4K Gameplay? ❤️️❤️️❤️️
What do you think about PES 2019? #PES19 or #FIFA19 ? Let me know!

Mr. Awesome Player says:


Crazy Diamond says:

Well….. Looks better than FIFA 19

W4VE_ cmmaaj says:

I think that both PES and FIFA have some things to work on till they’re games look close to reality

Szilárd Bóka says:

shiT XD

JTL says:

Antes eu não jogava PES porque tinha uma jobalidade um pouco robótica, esse ano vou jogar PES19. Esse PES19 está muito real. Provavelmente irei jogar PES nos próximos anos. #beautifulPES2019

Christo says:

Gameplay fucking destroys fifa and leaves it for dead in every way .

CT 34 ZYE says:

Without being rude to the game or the PES Fans, the game is shit. I played it yesterday and it is a complete shit.
Beautiful graphics of course but nothing special.
Gameplay feels like 17 18.
Players move like they are retards.
Pes will never beat fifa. Ever.

phadtare Vighnesh says:

No commentary?

Tommy Chhen says:

Are the phantom visions in pes 19? Not that it matters, just want to know

César D. Lerma says:

The other great thing about this video is that the fact that there’s only the in stadium sound helps you focus on how beautiful the graphics and the gameplay are on this PES (coming from a FIFA player) i think that for the first time ever, i’ll get the PES over FIFA, and yes FIFA has the licenses, but what we as gamers should care the most is the gameplay experience, and PES 19 really tops FIFA 19 on that. And here im writing to FIFA players like me, guys, if we think this is better, which it is cause we are seeing it, we should make the switch and just start playing PES 19 what is the problem? This is the closest to reality and the best football gaming experience by far, isn’t this what we are looking for?

Aury Gonzalez says:

PES es un juegazo, lo malo que no tiene licencias 🙁

Carlos Valente says:

The only thing I like about pes that fifa doesn’t have would be the graphics and the lighting. Gameplay is meh.

Peter Odufunnade says:


jack bang says:

Is this the real life?

Hubert Skowron says:

Grafika w PES 19 jest 100 razy lepsza od tej z FIFY 19

Eric Uh says:

no difference as before

David Gil says:

Recontra arcade, una cagada

JJ GUNNER 12 says:

It’s a shame it will look like shit when it’s released, as always.

Galileo galilei says:

I changed from fifa to pes this year and im so thankfull

steven hudson says:

I’m really struggling to defend on this PES. I’m getting opened up by dumb defenders running towards players who are obviously going to play a simple 1-2 pass. I find it unresponsive and struggle to play balls out from the defence. I’m getting beat by noobs who would never get goal-side of me on PES 18. I can see a play coming from miles away but my defenders just seem to completely fall for it. I play deep line def, def attitiue. I’ve even had CD going it to the other half to try and win a ball and leaving the entire pitch wide open for a year-1 pes through-ball. I’m a decent player but I just can’t adapt to this new game. Hopefully these are just lagg issues. Also… the heading on this game seems to have completely vanished. I’ve hit over 100 crosses. Decent crosses but not a single one had resulted in a header of any quality. I’m starting to really nit like it.

Kenned says:

someone help i has problem with the commentators in the game. they are so low so i cant hear them. all the options are on high 15. what to do?

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