PES 2019 4K 60 FPS Amazing Realism LIVE Broadcast Camera PSG vs Juventus

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PES 19 PSG vs Juventus AMAZING REAL LIFE Details
PES returns this year with PES 2019. New PES 19 Gameplay! What do you think about new PES 19 Gameplay? What is better FIFA 19 or PES 19? Let me know!

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pheuzy big says:

It’s very amazing it’s real life game

Dvrcvdus says:

That camera angle is AIDS!!!

Benito Camelo says:

I was always for pes now even more

ARIS says:

the ball moves strangely

Rafaelcruz Cortez says:

Parece aquele jogo de apostas que tem na internet realista

Simon Mellor says:

Peter Drury is good on commentary its just Jim ‘Autobot’ Beglin. For the love of God Konami replace him and jazz up the fkin commentary.

James Eliude says:

Why did they lose the UCL rights though?! Beautiful game generally!

Denis Ribeiro says:


toni 3334 says:

camera gives me aids,fifa stays the best still

Hoss Cartwright says:

Graphics are good, physics/movement still looks and feels a bit weird though

chiko32100 says:

is this broadcast camera on ps4 avaible??

Kevin says:

Waouh awesome

ahmed rafz says:

Link plz PES 2019

Shadley Hildebrandt says:

I must say that the graphics looks amazing this year, but the sprinting has always been a problem for me and it doesn’t look like Konami will ever fix it.

Karloo says:

oh mannn, i need world cup in pes19 this is so real! i want to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Khairul Anut says:


Phill says:

i wanna know who is resposible for the lack of licenses, im sure pes devs wish they had all but do those other motherfuckers dont see what the better game is?

roberto baggio says:

lol I bought pes 2019 and it was a fucking big mistake! what a horrible game so fucking fake. fifa still number 1.

mike murga says:

Very Cool Shots!!

Martoeh êàń says:

I actually thought it was a Real game Highlight on the thumbnail. …. Damn that lighting is impeccable.

Elkanah Rove says:

Fifa is still better

יוחאי פראוי says:

Superb gameplay!!

boston19801 says:


Siravit Taweehan says:

Fifa is trash

Вежливый Человек says:

Уебанство полное

Алексей Кулиш says:

Вы эбанутые? Вы че не видите как игроки скользят по полю когда бегают, что бы заменить анимацию))) мда… Играйте в хвалите своё говно: ps

Rachmat Tri says:

Noice video

daniloamb says:

Jogabilidade de ps2 até hoje… Jogador vira só em 8 direções. Ridículo. Gráfico sem jogabilidade não é NADA!

Furious Tiger says:

You play with your feet..

Haji Sule says:

Too much 1-2 pass (L1+X).thats a shortcut thats is helped by CPU to find space for running.try to play without L1+X bro

Tanveer Iqbal says:

Pes 19 mobile

xboxmedien says:

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dan hp says:

This camera sucks, default one is way better IMO

Ektor says:

Fifa so much better can’t wait for new gameplay and awesome packs !!!

The1872Gamer says:

Anyone know when Ibrox and C****c Park are getting patched in?

Somewhere Sunday says:

Sensible soccer > pes or FIFA

Elite Drone Imagens Aereas says:

FIFA melhor que PES

dannydaintree says:

pes needs the licenses to truly compete!

eko ari says:

I always a fifa player but for this time i will buy pes 2019,

zapataporsiempre says:


idklol says:

pes has been superior to fifa for a few years now. i hate fifa (both the game and the actual federation) for making the licenses exclusive to EA, even though i’m glad that you can just download an update file and get the “real” teams. it shows that if it wasn’t for the licenses nobody would prefer fifa over pes.

saiful zamre says:

well done.i taught its just its game!

Stefanos Tsorbatzoglou says:

Looks great but really the only thing it has over fifa is Jim and peter as commentators

Carl says:

Pes è troppo realistico, al minuto 4: 53 Pjanic commette un fallaccio e non viene nemmeno ammonito esattamente come la sua controparte reale!

Hari Saputra says:

Look like an upgrade for Football manager match engine for me.

Akash Shrestha says:


AfterEightShave says:

waiting for the day where we get a game that mixes the gameplay of pes with the presentation of Fifa…

J. Borowski says:

Graphics are good but the animations are so weird.

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