PES 2019 1080p 60 FPS FULL HD Gameplay (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

PES 201Anfield Barcelona vs Liverpool (Xbox One, PS4, PC) FULL HD 1080p 60 fps
PES returns this year with PES 2019. New PES 19 Gameplay! What do you think about new PES 19 Gameplay? What is better FIFA 19 or PES 19? Let me know!

PES 2019 Legends vs Argentina:
PES 2019 Barcelona vs Liverpool:
PES 2019 Player Faces:
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FIFA 18 PSG vs Juventus:
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Amaru :v says:

Hay nieve sólo afuera de la cancha

Dady Ali says:

On 1080 in 60 fps this is really good

Carlos Ramírez says:

Que mancos!

dekkoo84 says:

I love the added animations.

xFUEGOx says:


RodY MorgadO says:

Eu acho estranho a blusa na parte da cintura dos jogadores estranho demais igual no pes 2018

Backuly says:

Efecto konami por todos lados

ms309 says:

I’m glad the grass doesn’t look like a tablecloth anymore

Izaqueu Santos says:

Cadê a game play versão pc ??

Simon Dahl says:

sorry but honestly this game is dying and its dying fast! in fact it completly suck in almost every way possible! please i hope some developers is reading this! i fell inlove with pes 2007-2010, but after that your game are just going from bad to worse! lets go a bit in dept!
career mode is so dreadful, the menues, the contract options, players history and records. there is none!
gameplay on career mode. for 10 years u are seriously changed nothing thats worth mentioning. lets take forexample 1. when its close to half time or the end of the match, it just wount fucking end if the AI has the ball, i mean you can end up playing 2-3 minuts in RL becasue the ball is still in your half! 2. if the ball is about to go out for a goal kick or a trow in, you player just wount fucking stop chasing the ball and usually touches it for a corner or trow in to you apponant! free kicks? you dont fucking get them even if the AI cut’s your head of!
these little details that truly matter u simple wount fucking fix and there are so so so so so many of them. please for the love of God sell everything to EA and FIFA becasue they are really really trying to make it better and better, you guys still focus on fucking graphics! you have less and less content in the game! what you do have are some blind patriotic players that stay with you simply cos they hate FIFA! not cos PES is any good! i bought PES 18 after dropping pes since 12-13, when i came back to pes 18, i was shocked to vitness a more beautiful version of 100% same shit i left 5 years before!
now, screw my english or grammer just fix or drop ur game ! ur just loosing bit by bit and ur not doing it with pride!

xboxmedien says:

Thanks for watching! Let’s get 1000 Likes? ❤️️❤️️❤️️
What do you think about PES 2019? #PES19 or #FIFA19 ? Let me know!

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