PES 2018 4K 60 FPS Gameplay Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Enjoy PES 18 4K 60 FPS Gameplay! PES returns this year with PES 2018. New PES 18 Gameplay! What do you think about new PES 18 Gameplay? What is better FIFA 18 or PES 18? Let me know!

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Thanks to Konami and IGN:


tarek ikene says:

the killer PES 2018

Ogies Prayogi says:

remind me of pes 2013

Mr. Poy says:

This game is nearly perfect you can’t see it so real if you watch in 60fps try to watch it in 480p for a while to see how good it is, becuz all the real match are captured in 30fps

Sean Reeves says:

anyone else think it looks a bit shit?….

Series y Juegos says:

me gusta podrian hacer un gameplay con el barcelona

Panda Jr says:

fifa again this year

German Nunez says:

La verdad no me gustan mucho los movimientos de los jugadores no los veo naturales. I don’t like the movements and animations don’t look natural. Are like crazy battery toys. I hope some day they fix it because I buy Pes and Fifa both every year.

Cockoff Gewgle says:

Looks like reheated dogshit.

144p Videos says:

@0.43 torres still shot on keeper. in 2009 Fernando torres died and replaced with Yossi Kohen (isreal agent).You know the difference with Yossi and Fernando that is Fernando has yellow hair and Yossi hasn’t .(rip english)

onegr KO says:

it looks disappointing because of these awful robotic animations and mechanics of shooting-passing .

Ox Ox says:

shit again

RavenFCB says:

The overal presentation and atmosphere is still terible. Its like playing a football match in laboratory conditions.

jean lopez says:

lento 4k lento

JOALINHO Linden says:

FIFA 18 don’t even have ballon d’or why would I waste my time play it ..

xboxmedien says:

Let’s get 500 Likes for more PES 18 and FIFA 18 Gameplay?❤️️
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Zidan Alzaidan says:

wtf is this crapteams camping in their box leaving the whole pitch exposed…Retarded shit

ChessMyLife says:

12:05 wtf

max do says:

that is the most annoying defect of PES last years
watch how torris move and the defender

and look to the distance between them
why the defender leave torris freely all that time ????????????
its something uncontrolable and it is about the AI.

Dan Danko says:

Oh,my,god,this lawn look like a 2d cardboard…Does it really impossible to make a 3D grass on the field and if u have a weak pc u just turon it off and watch att this.

Yaprami ye Fener says:


Komb GonnaOwnage says:

looks like pes 2014;/

IRON MAN says:



Neka Bude Pinki says:

Torres scored. NOT REALISTIC!

JOALINHO Linden says:

PES 18 much better this year

Manuel Emilio Gongora Arauco says:

No había alguien más manco para el gameplay?

Tanukii Chơi FIFA says:

The main reason PES looks smooth and realistic is that they do lots of cinematic cutscenes by capturing, like they do with RPG games. It may create beautiful visions and make the game really catchy by the looks, but physics in game looks very floppy. FIFA looks very weird sometimes because they do all the cutscenes ingame by real player models on the game with scripts and commands to tell them what to do. Physics in FIFA is not too good also, but sure better than PES. Frostbite is hell in a way better than FOX Engine

Everton Nascimento says:

Conclusion: Fifa better than Pes even

João Bosco Falcão says:

o cara q tava jogando é ruim dms

Ömer Yıldız says:

ı will buy pes.

cvkO76 says:

0:10 Is the referee doing a dance? Does he want to joint the match like a player? what does he want?

V.h B.g says:

La misma caca que el año pasado con la diferencia de que este año no lo compro ni por 15 euros

Bastian Ziege says:

the opponent is in beginner level

Deilson Duph says:

I think… I will leave FIFA and the fucking handicap!

Siddius Black says:

Same ugly crowd as last 4 years, same ugly sound as last year….really konami? what you doing the last 9 month? I think i can stay on pes 2017 on my ps4 pro until pes 2019

Codename Gaming says:

Sorry but gameplay wise this looks exactly like last years

Yusuf Katalony says:

is this real???….at last realistic audience

Julián Quintana says:

mucho tronco para jugar

Anju Daniel says:

for many people out there that saying fifa is more real, did you ever watch a real football match? seriously dude…

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