Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Co-op FPS Zombie Gameplay From Makers of Payday – IGN Plays Live

The makers of Payday are back with Overkill’s The Walking Dead, a coop first person shooter set in the world of The Walking Dead.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Cooperative Gameplay Demo – IGN Live E3 2018

Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Heather Trailer

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katsupoi says:

90% of the budget went to the cgi trailers

bluemidgetguy says:


Professional Zoo Tycoon Player says:

I had such huge hype for this game.

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best games ever made, and this doesn’t come anywhere close to that game which came out in 2009.

Hunter W says:

I hated L4D because of how fast paced and arcadey it was. This seems to play way more realistic and looks way better than the first gameplay. Might be a decent game to pick up on sale

1 delta says:

Best game and amazing

Chill Patrol says:

What in the dollar store Dying Light is this???
Edit: Dying Light not Dead By Daylight

Saad Tahir says:

Does it even have a single playwr story mode -______- i was hyped for the epic graphics and and story

Hotlook Man says:

this game is lack of idea. if you look word mediocre in
vocabulary , you’ll find this game.

Midnight Ninja says:

Might as well play left 4 dead. Nothing walking dead about this

Ez0rus says:

Always wanted a new Left 4 Dead.. theres Walking Dead feel here at all

LispyLeaf says:

Thanks for keeping us entertained loving the videos

eh? says:

Nothing will beat left 4 dead ‼️

Maaz Altaf says:

I had such high hopes from this game but after playing 2 hrs of beta, I immediately refunded it. Biggest disappointment since No Man’s Sky

SneakySkully says:

If the game is like 30 dollars then maaaaybe.

Tythas says:

It would be nice if these videos were edited to we didn’t have to skip over 24 min of nothing

EatDemDucks says:

I thought this was an open world co op zombie game. what is this?

Lee Brady Leego ace says:

I hope that this gets updated combat it looks to easy

Jordan Alarcón says:

Better avoid this garbage and wait for GTO 😉

Rob D. Manetta says:

When i saw the trailer : “Wow!
When i tried the beta: “Ooook…. I guess the main game will be different”
After an hour in main game: “Yeeeah…This is not a Walking Dead game at all”


Youtuber Radical Rick says:

This looks absolutely atrocious for a late 2018 full priced game. It says “The Walking Dead” but that’s misleading since it has nothing to do with the show at all. This just looks like a zombie version of Payday. And it LOOKS terrible, at least compared to the fantastic Dying Light that came out over THREE YEARS AGO. The Walking Dead show has been on tv for almost a decade now, would it be that hard to get a faithful video game adaption of the show?

David Solomon Alucard Ashkenazi says:

Is this just a multi-co op game or is there an actual story mode?

Tony Kravitz says:

Can’t wait to see Angry joe’s review of this ZOMBIE GAME.

Legendsfaith3 says:

I would prefer this game be a open world single player where you transitions in between characters with the ability of coop.

But this shit looks like strictly horde mode , I could be wrong.

RoT N says:

start @ 24:52

Samuel Scerri says:

lol the animations and guns look like payday 2 wth

Boston Ted says:

I’m so glad I watched this gameplay before purchasing this game, totally changed my mind. I feel like the trailers were misleading for me.

Clementine says:

Such a misleading game, avoid it like a plague

CuzMix says:

Please tell me is on ps4

Bullcity says:

Local co-op?

Savage Redhood019 says:

Um so let’s get this straight… we have amazing co-op zombie shooters such as COD Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Dying light,Dead Island, and they are trying to sell us this sorry excuse for a Cod zombies clone with the walking dead brand tacked on.

Mitchell Scripter says:

its alot of cut and paste ideals that have already been done. come on IGN you cant fool us.

Burstify says:


revistinha1 says:

Left 4 Paydead

Angel Rivera says:

I would have like this if it where 3rd person!

Wadik Funk says:


John Ngui says:

wow this is as bad as they say

12 34 says:

نصابين الاعلان غير وهني غير مافي مشاهد سنمائيا ترقع للعبه

Adeno says:

The part where a zombie seemed to bust through the gate was cool, but it was actually just a glitch that made the zombie clip through it lol!

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