NEW M762 AND QBU FPS GAMEPLAY! – 0.9.0 Beta Gameplay – PUBG Mobile

Two new things that will be added to the 0.9.0 update!

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If you scrolled this far down, you are one amazing person and I wish you the best for the rest of your day!

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łįł LongWang says:


Bape says:

In PC it’s called the *Beryl m762* while in Mobile it’s called the _m762_

ČG•Púppèř says:

Medal I think the title is supposed to be FPP* Gameplay not FPS

MC GAMER says:

Why do u not play ros

Honarable Moments says:

Cringy but it works

MarkRank says:

early quadd

Astanya X says:

Medal comeback to ROS join ROS mobile and play with Ferg, HawksNest and Seth join the C9 clan!

MyNameSucks says:


khalid RE MI X says:

Dr.disrespact haha medal version

Baljeet Pai says:

The7wg hates indians proof in my channel

Rodknight 14 says:

i really like your channel medal because you’re so awesome and cool..and you look like navy or military because of the suit that you have wearing hehehe…i hope you will continue your streaming

Norman YT says:

Play ros pubg will make you famous

ㄒㄖ爪丨几乇丂尺ㄖ几卂ㄥ刀 says:

Follow for Follow

Stephen dela Cruz says:

Oh there’s an option button where you can switch to different scopes e.g. from 3x to 4x instantly. Do that next time!



Vortex says:

Bow Down To Your Instructor….

jerson luceno says:

There’s a new quick change scope in the 0.9

King TERRAbYTe says:

Medal is PUBGM Shroud

MolTen Cubita says:

what a costume impressive…

Ryan Auxtero says:

1st or 100 still a fan yieee

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