NEW HERO MARTIS ! FIRST GAMEPLAY (1080P/60 FPS) – Mobile Legends

DAMNNN This guy seems pretty fun to play! Fighter, lot of mobility, good burst damage, interesting capacities and damn his style is litttt !

I play on PC using Nox, check the video that explains how here :

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Intro : Panzoid, Song : La Bicicleta – Shakira
Songs : NCS 2016 Best of compilation

Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends bang bang
Mobile Legends bang bang
Mobile Legends bang bang


Andry Firmansyah says:

Wtf, that’s ulti can use twice

Setepano Versace says:


K3l3phant says:

Why most of your videos is so strecthed? Still great content tho

Athan Laguadorvvgvbji says:

Skin:cyclops Exorcist
(subscribed and liked)

iizzazz says:

Gossen or Martis… Much BP… Wow BP

iizzazz says:

Ill buy this heroooo!!!

Fuzail Hussain says:

Skin:Lancelot Chrismas or any
Liked and subscribed

Mickey Rat says:


Mikha Ela says:

But…. they haven’t released gossen and angela yet in orig server….. ughhh so many heroes to buy

cs 1.6 fan cs 1.6 fan says:


legal gaming says:

Wassup bro

Thanasis • says:

Lesley ez kills

flamezero gt says:

Hmm no worthy foe? Well saber is waiting for you he needs a worthy opponent,damn he’s the better version of Karina cause of the ulti


Does his skill 2 go through walls, both parts maybe?

Jeff Dela Pena says:

Lapu lapu X Argus

Buata Sny says:

Nice, hope next will be with a commentary.


Martis is like Alucard and Lancelot combined.

Ek Seez says:

Next banned list

Genesis _ML says:

Moskovs brother

Athan Laguadorvvgvbji says:


Aldrinwafo says:


MOBA Loon says:

He SUX p.s. !dry

Stanford Matthews says:

Another new hero again? Omg Moontoon chill wtf.

Jethro Malana says:

Goodbye Alucard, hello Martis

BlueDragonThunder19 says:

AOV coming out on March here.. Can’t wait…

EliFrost _ says:

HOLY SHIT! THIS GUY IS FRICKIN’ AWESOME! I see blood by the way. Are they ending the censorship then?

yogi prasetyo says:


Wrath • says:

Sorry Alucard,We Have a New Bae now xD


And by the way, this is the 4th hero that is on que. When would they possibly release the update for the 3 heroes to be available?

Gemik says:

Hey guys new hero Martis RAW gameplay ! Coz it’s better f*king RAW !!!
Also video is still rendering that’s why there is no 1080P yet ! (work faster Youtuber omg omg !) Be patient 😉

Hokage says:

Yup fkin 32k bp

ωμέγα 666 says:

More hero moonton hahaha

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