Argo is a competitive tactical first-person shooter, in which two bands of mercenaries compete over objectives in a 5-vs-5 match-up.

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GianWarGasm says:

This is how i think Ghost Recon PVP will be like

LunchBoxKillFace says:

So it’s ftp. I’m gonna shit all over it and say how it’s not as good as other games. LMAO.

Alexis Gerardo says:

It’s a good extension, nothing can replace how well rounded the giant map conflicts of Arma are. This appeals to the “simple folk”

gamehead Mosby says:

will it comes to stream

Maksim Pegov says:

cant hear this terrible sounds after squad…

Civilian Engineer says:

Tbh i dont know what to think. Ive always tossed up between Squad/Arma3, Squad for the crispness and simplicity, but Arma3 for the more content they have compared to Squad i.e Fighter Jets, Plane Carriers, Nukes etc.

This however is different. It is only 5v5, yet you have a skill tree. For me personally i prefer to have something to quietly work towards as i play the game i.e achievements or a skill tree or else the game just becomes a killing machine which can get boring quickly for people like me who have played FPS for 10+ years and done nothing but slaughter hundreds of thousands of NPC’s and civ’s. Would definitely be worth a play, but given that Squad is only Alpha still, they still have the opportunity to add a lot of stuff which i hope they do to keep on par with the other games. If they added an air support DLC similar to Arma3, that would set the game almost at perfection, BUT i dont know how you would implement air support with the insurgents which is probably a reason why they haven’t/wont do it.

All in all, its always best to wait for a video review of a game and see actual in game footage before buying/playing unless you are a crazy nerd who needs everything the second it gets released.

EDIT: I pledged your Patreon aswell dude, loving the content all week its been good. Dont spend it wisely, spend it on cocaine and hookers.

Michael M says:

Love ArmA3 but the sounds really need improvement. Are guys still using TrackIR with this?

《Jbert_113》 says:

Free to play or Pay to play

Dracknov77 says:

Hopefully they will change the announcer’s god damn voice. Other than that it seems like a solid game.

Muhammad Izzat says:

will it cum inside me?

Caleb Nieves says:

If anyone remember earlier in the year there was a small almost mini game put into arma and it was literally this

Schiedinator says:

This game is not good…
You get TKd every second time and the animations and the sound are away to dated and just wrong.

Marcus Robinson says:

it’s cool, but it has the standard shitty arma animations and sound level mixing. a guy could be shooting 10 feet away from you but all you hear are the cracks, none of his actual gun? also the maps are a bit too small imo. 500% better than vanilla arma though. I wish they had a bigger Squad-like gamemode for it.

edit: also seeing that scenario editor is giving me vietnam flashbacks

imma hate on you says:

I kinda think karma following everything retarded bluedrake doing

gamehead Mosby says:

will it come to consoles

Spooky Flyin says:

to come will it steam

Sun Tzu says:

This looks awful.

Lare says:

wtf my game looks way better, is this an older version?

Youtubeisnotgetting myrealname says:

Really liking these new commentary vids. Keep it up Karma!

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