Need for Speed Payback: Graveyard Shift PC Gameplay – 4K 60 FPS

Check out our exclusive Need for Speed Payback Graveyard Shift PC gameplay in 4K running at 60 FPS, captured on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PC.

Watch as Tyler heads to the airfield and takes on the street league Graveyard Shift, race down the runway, grab some serious air, and work his way up through Silver Canyon.

Check out the Recommended PC Specs for Need for Speed Payback here:

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naamã gamer says:


Gabriel Romero says:

Los nombres en español xD

M0N3YBALL3R ! says:

I’m hyped for this

StardustDragonFist says:

i guess 1080 ti can make any game look pretty

Ryan Barton says:

Can I have the PC that it was played on? xD

Rewhis says:

Hi (sorry for bad English)

plopnow says:

Need for Speed Payback, Wow it’s been a long time since i played Need for Speed for the first time, i remember the fist Need for Speed game i ever played it was Need For Speed Carbon. Loved how you could cause damage to the city and how the there were police zones with some zones more intense than the others. The Need for Speed series has come a long way. I’m Going to be playing this game a lot. xD

John Deyholos says:

YES i love this game already

MaridoDaLaraCroft says:

ta mto ruin

DeCaf Life says:

i didn’t know need for speed was still around

David Chace says:

Tried to play it on 4k but my WiFi inst good enough. ;-; Looks awesome, l remember playing Most Wanted back in the day on my phone.

sock blender says:

Sharing the c heat i’ve been doing to get tons of GoId fast it is posted online here –

Jadorim Simoro says:

Has there been any release of footage happening at night yet?

zerocool says:

They have used that same unrealistic R34 GTR sound since the very beginning! I still can’t wait though!

calical26 says:


Maximka Prosto says:

вот это мыло….

Dr9vik says:

это ебаное калище

Aryan Gamer says:

The game look so realistic

sai bharadwaj says:

I’m eagerly waiting for this game need for speed has taken a good decision on this game

Liam C says:

Man I want to get this game, looks awesome, #GameReady #GamesCom

Dre ad says:

Love the graphic


Looks really smooth

Imposya says:


Tx9K says:

lol this shit looks very cheaply made.

Rahadian Rihadi says:

The graphics is so wonderful!

Freek Peezer says:

Woah! GTX 1080 Ti runs it perfectly, look at those resources those graphics damn!

Jacobcw says:

It looks so pretty

virtualkeyboard90 says:

Cool video

misiek8912 says:

This is no nfs this is next crap this is next big fail cartoon cars.

FredTheFailLord says:

Yes, that is indeed a driving game. Might want to grab a totally different soundtrack though. When is the Paradise 4K remaster coming?

Sqreix says:

Pretty good graphics and models. Soundtrack’s bad though.

george trifillis says:

So many good racing games coming up!

Sidewayz PRFM says:

Sounds like crash bandicoot

BlindDemon says:

game is slow as balls,looks like it’s capped at 30fps

Ryleigh Brewer says:

in case you didnt know most people use the c heat for GoId shared online here –

sharuga79 says:

Looks beautiful worth playing for sure.

Bob McMurtry says:

Man if only I could run it 60fps at 4K…

meister550 says:

Asphalt 8 w/o all the fun parts but “WITH A PC GRADE GRAPHICS”

Chris Veritas says:

Where my jealous at? EA, it’s in the game !

A Smith says:

Hey EA can we get some ore BLUE ARROWS because there’s just not enough BLUE ARROWS in the game.

BenjerminGaye says:

is it just me or is the car to the right at 0:05 floating ?

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