My New Favorite FREE Tactical FPS Battle Royal – Warface Gameplay

Today we check out a new FREE game on the channel called Warface! Warface is a free to play tactical FPS with a battle royale game mode! Download and get in on some Warface Gameplay!

Download Warface here:

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Redacted says:


PVT _ pickleStomp says:

Meh, looks samey af, Id recommend Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, its $5 now but the mechanics require unique considerations for your weapons of choice and actions, with stealth not really possible beyond suppressors, and with less people per match(for now?) gives less hectic action for slower paced casuals like me. Besides, G is a dedicated beatbox button 😛

martin jessen says:

Hitmarkers are still to small 😉

Dom says:

Karma bro what kind of video is that fr? we support you and if you fell the need for an partnership video because youre now fulltime YT just say it… I mean i played warface before 3 years where it was new and shit but 16players battle royale??? you never played more than 3 rounds in this bitch

Huan says:

Hit markers are way too small.

wow wow says:

It is for xbox one ?

chesalty says:

this game looks like shit

Milan Kubík says:


Flash Gordons Themesong says:

Warface added a Battle Royale mode? I played it years ago on Xbox and just dropped it.

Bobberson The Temmerson says:


Jarett NK says:

Xd this is sad

psychobeam99 says:

Noooooo. Karma has fallen to the dark side.

FriendlyNikolai says:

Do you like some specific feature that make this game so dope? 😀

AG''''killer says:

Warface ain’t no tactical fps wtf

Voodoo-Spirit says:

No… just no …

Totenkopf Div says:

Back Squaf

muchdepression [lmao] says:

Liked before watching

시청자 says:

Warface !

TypicDonkey11 says:


Karmakut says:

Warface DID NOT sponsor this video Jesus Christ

Ecoval says:

Karmakut can you predict the % off for Squad this Summer Sale? I know you are the Lord off Squad. Love you 😀

Jan Bruns says:

this game is absolute pay to win. i know that because i paid 16 Bucks and got an op gun for every class since then the game became boring for me mostly because the weapons are getting more and more insane theres even a sniper that is semi automatic and can kill you with one Body hit. dont Play this game.

Xxx Tripple says:

Hate this game !

Tiromir says:

This vid REALLY looks like a partnership, especially the description, yet nothing is specified…

frenchiveruti says:

If you do some paid promotion at least be less obvious or don’t sell it as your favourite…
We all now that Totally Accurate Battle Royale is the real fav here.

Dr. Tiggy says:

More like KarmaCUCK amirite? Nice shilling bruh.

Eddie Lee says:

did someone say undisclosed sponsorship?

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