Mortal Kombat 11: Full Tower Match Gameplay in 4K 60 FPS

While learning the new move sets we hop into a tower match and complete it to see what happens if you’re victorious.

Every Mortal Kombat Character Ever:

Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer Breakdown – Theories and Speculation:

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Michael Blount says:

Trash lol

Fatty Boy Can Dance says:

Is just me or Is Sub-zero face looks like Jet Lee?

Adnan Sarhatlic says:

Every time I see Scorpions Fatal Blow I hear 21 Savage.

PinkРanther says:

INJUSTICE 3……lol…..MK9 and MKX is best games!

leone ochieng says:

Who remembers Motaro and will he ever make a comeback again?

chrlsgms says:

why sonya reminds me elsa from frozen?

Michael Wooden says:

Tag Team konfirmed?

monster john streetball legend. says:

One of the greatest games ever made and that’s also because mainly cause of the music in the background that’s just epix

sahil nasre says:

Fixed hai match

Soroosh A. says:

Why play on medium though. Couldn’t really watch the mindless easy spamming for too long

Leonardo Deceprio says:

Is game me or kuchh nhi he bas scorpion har jagah

Jesus Gonzalez says:

Ojalá pongan la torre en equipos de 2

Chance Tosh says:

Same combo over and over. Must be my 5 year old son playing as scorpion

HaikkalHedrion says:


beep boop Beep says:

it feels so slow:/

dan sopa says:

With that mask, Baraka reminds me of the bald crazy 88 guy from kill bill

Ramiro Ozuna says:

Why sub zero looks like bruce wayne from injustuce 2

PantherzZ Bite says:

they have alot of work to do on this game like if agree

Arga Alfi says:

Is there no variations like in mk x?

Rossenzo Moria says:

Very plastic movements.Still remains horrible as the previous one!

Live Cookie says:

Hate how this scorpion sounds

IGN says:

Thank you for being kind as we learned the new Scorpion move sets for this tower. We wanted to show off the returning mode and didn’t get much time to develop past our spam one combo to win style. Overall what are you thinking about Mortal Kombat 11 so far? -Destin

Dark Hole says:

The fatal blows ARE BRUTAL AF

Diablo King says:

I feel like the game got a downgrade, the characters had more variations and the new ones look line totally different people…

Edson Gutierrez says:

17:37 like the flawless fatality

Aser Rodriguez says:

What is this super duper easy mode?

joke man says:

ok I’m happy…
(searches in YouTube for mortal kombat 12)

Blossom Lovesstuff says:

Are those the only characters like I need katana


Sonya and Cassie look flat faced and weird

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