Introduction – Modern Ops (ONLINE)

Modern Ops: Black Squad is competitive free FPS game with easy and intuitive controls, vivid 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.

Play for cops, S.W.A.T. or bandits and show your combat skills in first person shooter for Android. One team becomes Counter-Terrorists and attack other Terrorists team.

Buy different ammo, guns and weapons, upgrade it, change the look of your weapon skins. Increase your killing skills against other soldiers and prove yourself in each map using combat killstreaks and extreme kill shots.

Shoot to kill and make a headshot to be pro in mobile shooting game. Be the best assassin of special forces and show all players who’s boss!

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D1EGU1N says:

Betina sai daqui meu

Light Fist says:

Anyone wanna challenge me in pubgm reply

TSM_ROTTEN 7377 says:

Bf(bullet force) is better still like if u agree

Toxic Robot says:

Well i played it and that game have very strong aim assist they need to nerf a little

Xiaomi Redmi4x says:

Like modern combat

あかのちたん says:

Muy buen video eres un crack

ŤHĒ ĶŪŘĐ says:

offline ??

MayhemPlayz minecraft critical ops and more says:

Looks like a copy of modern strike

Lone_Dark1167 says:

Have pratice bot mod offline?

ᗫᓿSᒪᓿᖽᐸᙍ ᕿᓎᒪᓿᑤᙍ says:

This game looks horrible for a new generation of mobile gaming

FaZe Flare says:

This Game is Like Black ops 4 with the Stempacks and Black ops 3 because of the supply drops


Free Fire melhor hahaha

littletrev gamebag says:

You a God no auto fire

Yash Gaming says:

Zombie mode will also come in this game

rαel ѕo2 ツ says:

Vc é BR ou english?

Chayon gaming says:

U better than other youtuber but nice video i like it :-).
Can i get a like pls :-).

Gaming tv34 says:

Boma share and tell me to laugh at me at me all to please

jhon pin says:




SpringtrapTR Gaming says:

Ui is call of duty

James MustPlay says:

Is this from Azur Interactive? This looks like one of their games, same gameplay, same shit. Why’d they have to make another one? They already have Modern Strike Online…

Aslan Adem says:

Modern online rip off

Criticle GaMeR says:

Played Modern Ops But Realised This Game Wasnt So Modern After All …

João Victor says:

Is this pay2win ?

Jr Godoy says:

Is there a way to customize controls??

Channel Gamerz says:

Full size?

Pixel Chris says:

Tip: use the scope for begginer because aim assist is applied for the scope

Costy Busu Tiger says:


Arsya Prahmana says:

Offline or online

Rain Hopper says:

Awesome game

nigga wym says:

Games pay to win af the awp costs 5k blueprints or 70 damn dollars lmfao on top of many other deals

VNT Gaming says:

Great game dude



bahaa ابن فلسطين says:

Like call of duty

1337_ Te41ro says:

Странный контент просто играть несколько боёв без слов монтажа и музыки

Nahuel Reynoso says:

Lo actualizaron ahora si mola lo jugue el año pasado nada que ver ahora

Marimar Aw says:

Dude is their an rank match or ranking system? just like c-ops . because normal match is boring not so challenging.
Because when your rank is getting higher
the players you meet are also have high skill like you or might be higher than you or abit lower. and if you only on normal match there is a posibility all your teammates are not good(beginner) and your opponents are pros(experienced) so it’s unfair .
Rank match is for Fair match for me because your rank indicates your performancd. except for those people who
create a smurf(another account) like a high rank player created a new one and start at the beginning one so they are already experienced and they may score high than the beginners.

Parcero David says:

Amigo se juega con Internet o no

x squ0d says:

bro I love this game alot

selim hank says:

Like a cod

Audy Ashari says:


Ahnaf Tahmid says:

This game is good but online matches are way short -.-

syed tameem says:


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