MAX PLAYED SEKIRO: 4K/60 FPS Hands On Gameplay & Impressions w/Maximilian

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w g says:

Is this only on ps4 or multiplatform

Jonh says:

This game is incrible, amazing…Hypeee

Elliot Smith says:

Its annoying how you cant cut limbs off though.

Turok Svensson says:

So the game runs in 4k and 60 fps at the same time? On the xbox one x?

Julio Acceus says:

I think From Software is trying to not make this game a thumb masher. It seems posture is pretty important where you have to make sure your maneuvers connect which is unique for a combat based game.

プルタブ万次郎 says:


SexCannonMusic says:


M Kasim says:

Regardless of story, you can guarantee that this game will be fun. FromSoftware really know how to make good gameplay. There are games that focus on the story but lack in the fun department, this game does not seem like that at all. I loved bloodborne so im definitly willing to give this a try. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

Jomanro says:

Sekiro fixes the main mobility issue in the Soul games – the enemies aren’t more agile than the character anymore.

Scott Spicer says:

In Hidetaka we must trust! Looks insane cannot wait. Thanks for posting

Shahar Korren says:

As someone who’s NOT a Souls fan – this game looks really appealing to me.
It’s like what I always wanted Tenchu to be.

Julio Acceus says:

Shadows of Tsushira
Nioh 2

Hem Déher says:

3:25 holly shhhh

Super Mix says:

I really hope they delay this game to polish it as much as possible. This needs to be the best! Plus, if they delay it, I don’t have to decide between dmc 5 and sekiro.

Big Bully says:

Mm, I don’t really like the way the sekiro character moves. The movements are not fluid like in Bloodborne. He moves stiff and flat-footed. I’ll stick with Nioh, bloodborne, dark souls, the surge, and lords of the fallen. I’ll pass on this one.

TheSpontaneousPony says:

I hope he makes this game really difficult.

Kurtis Yearwood says:

Sooo I take the sword on your back is just cosmetic

Salem Bakhshwen says:

I can’t wait to play this game 🙂

kimjiro4591 says:

so it’s kinda like Nioh

bizmonkey007 says:

It’s looks great. You can see From is trying to make it a little more accessible than Souls, especially with the kanji warnings for unblockable attacks. I’m sure it’s still hard as shit though

Tyynymyy says:

The only RPG elements I will miss are the different weapons, attires and character customization. The main character looks decent though, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Jamal Jaydon says:

my only issue with this game is that there’s no character customization (apparently), which is one of the main reasons i love the souls games

Exeeter702 says:

I noticed from other footage that this game seems to be more direct with its narrative structure with cutcenes. Like more in line with a MGS style of player experience vs the more abstract opaque style of the souls games and bloodborne. Personally i hope that is the case this time around. I would love a more focused story to coincide with the focused gameplay.

Salem Troy says:


Rohman says:

alright guys, lets try not to die until march 22nd 2019.

Nicholas Gregg says:

Dude they had the posture in dark souls 3 also. Wake up

Jhordan Velasquez says:

Where the heck are the rag-doll physics

Ant Jiggs says:

How this game going to be a challenge when every time you die you can come back to life


This gameplay on ps4 ??

PERK4N says:

I have platinum in every soulsborne+nioh games

Cant wait for this boi

Yu Yevon says:

Look like a dumbed down bloodborne rho

Ismael hoyos martinez says:

Will it have the new game plus mechanic? because they are throwing away everything that makes soulsborne great . . . . .

Devin Bardot says:

Ninja Gaiden with grappling hooks and bonfires

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