Islands of Nyne 9 Minutes of Gameplay Demo – New FPS Battle Royale Game 2017

Islands of Nyne Official Gameplay Trailer (Battle Royale Game 2017)

Check it out here!-

TBA 2017 PC (Windows)at first. Mac, Ps4, Xbox One, and the HTC Vive shortly after.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is an online, competitive, first-person shooter inspired by works such as Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. 100 players per match. 3 ever-shrinking arenas. Drop in, find a weapon, and stay alive… for only 1 can emerge victorious.


Mis Muertos says:

So, this is battlegrounds

Alfredo der Analtorpedo says:

Looks fucking boring

Soopernova01 says:

Yup, looks like it’s gonna be shit… If this is the best they can make the game look, I don’t wanna see it.

Anthony Henao says:

bring this game to xbox 1 and I will get it

Seaky ... says:

If they can upgrade the running animation, this game would be very good

a b says:

the game is amazing
i love it

FedJimSmith says:

Linux version please

Cheiften says:

it even lagss in this gameplay…

tramontana ok says:

need 3 person mode …like 2 camera modes 2 and 3 person to play ..nice game.

Abel Villa says:

Thumbnail looks better than the game.

madcat768 says:

why are they using out-dated weaponry and cars from the 2000’s then?

abdullah saifuddeen says:

More like Planetside 3

Wes T says:

does it have ANIT CHEAT? PUBG is sorta rampant of cheater lateley… iv’e run into a atleast a dozen. No way to even report them…. love the game but its gna die to cheaters running rampant!

meloman217 says:

This looks good, Would be a great game when it hits console

Ikahba says:

I personally think this looks awesome. H1Z1, Battlegrounds – both have not yet appealed to me. This however, does.

Johnny787 says:

Since the success of Day Z everyone wants to make a battle royale game.

Isaia O says:

finally a badass game for xbox coming out

Unknown User says:

gonna fail

Ray says:

How can these guys make a game this size for only 50k$? Are they working for free or something?? Or is there another source of funding???

nayzerie says:

how bout some decoy equipment?

jpagee says:


Jackie Logan says:

this is becoming the problem with most indie devs, too many promises, weak delivery of what was advertised, and poor final product

YouTwitFace says:

Tell me there will also be random events like a rabid pack of super giant mutated alligators being unleashed in the map and I’m in.

Makasu Sensei says:

Anyone knows what music is in the background?

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