Ironsight Gameplay 2018: Free FPS Game

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➢ Game Info:
Ironsight is an innovative, online military free to play, first-person, multiplayer shooter.

Background Music:
Ice Cold by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Khaos Dragon says:


Sajjaad Francis says:

You’re a beast


Is this on Xbox?

Blue#Ghost says:

hey mate i am playing the cod series better than you now

KroneVideo Game[KVG] says:

Which u guys will choose Iron Sight, Warface,BlackSquad or P2W Trash Crossfire

HaekalzPlays 20 says:

Better than COD? Anyone?

Gangga Putra Mahardika says:

FAQ : does it have offline multiplayer bots?

Lucas Alves says:

Still better than the bullshitery that COD has become nowadays.

NubbyXMusic 2 says:

Give this man a gold trophy

has san says:

Man this game look pretty good

KroneVideo Game[KVG] says:

Another choose Bf2 revived or Line Of Sight may be is Dirty Bomb

Abe Wan says:

3:25 that guy went flying

OmgItsMsj says:

Plz need this on console

secaymal says:

This means cod can be free its the same thing 😀

Arvin Paulo Gonzales says:

black ops 4 better than iron sight

Connor RK900 says:

I watched AnthonyCSN and i heard some very bad review tho

Well not really just a CoD clone

FR3314NC3R says:

Looks like COD Black Ops 3 without the boost jumping, with some aspects of BO2, with the kill cam of Battlefield all mushed together in one game.

Vaskoo27 says:

Looks fun.

Brutal God says:

I like this game but it’s map and some of the weapons reminds me of black ops 2 but other then that it’s a great game I love it

phatom light says:

does this make you a sponsor


Does it is multiplayer

Petros Mavros says:

Can you play Escape from Tarkov?

Andrew M says:

GameKiller are you excited for the deactivate teammates feature in the GR: Wildlands Special Operation 2 update that comes on Tuesday? I am. Pesky teammates.

joe junior says:

So basically ive been recommendations of cc’s playing ironsight that aside the dev team/publisher is spending the players money on just sponsorship and little on game improvements it seems there is no news on any fix and patches about game problems.

mike VLC says:

That map is practically same than Plaza map from Black Ops 2, the pistol instead of call it Kap 40, it has the name Kard.
Anyways it looks cool and funny.

Diverbro27 says:

Wow The new black ops 4 looks sick

Tony Dellado says:

Really enjoy the sound design

Comrade 99 says:

Good weapons mp5, vector, sg553, pdwr, jackhammer and m16 with p90 mag ….. Wait WATH THE FUCK?

WaW says:

A f2p bo2

Ciao Saluto says:

Good Game

Sands Of Broocker says:

*nem é uma copia de bo2 não..*

Marlon Claassen says:

Ping is just bad in this game

show timefu says:


Rize Rize says:

Looks promising… ‘3’

Razor0Sharp says:

You need to upload fortnite because lets be honest not many people care about these types of games anymore


Do you play any other multiplayer?

Juan Samuelmanugara says:

Cod black ops 5 confrimed

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