Ironsight Beta – Free FPS Done Right

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Headphones ATH-700X:


TheMLPOrion says:

reminds me a lot of the Korean FPS games that are only in korea, really excited to try it out, thanks

Anthony Nottage says:

Anyone thinks this will get a console release?

Brenden H. says:

Looks fun but what the hell is that M4 reload? Lmao

brock wells says:

this looks incredibly similar to cod

Zakhev says:

>Nobody uses ironsights

Reznov877 says:

Fucking game doesn’t even work.
Edit: Servers are down.

Ethan Robel says:

You can tell he’s trying so hard not to compare it with cod.

DoomBoy112 says:

hitreg is uppershit, every death is behind the cover

Ariel Echevarria says:

I want this on console

Dylan Jarman says:

this gsme looks solid, i will paly it

Volken says:

Noice, CoD Black cocks 4 gameplay.
jokes aside, I attempted to try the game out but according to the website BOTH of my emails are in use! and were made in 2013, So i changed password, Got logged out, and now i can’t log into either of them. Noice game.

Carson Clemmer says:

Honestly seems 10x better than any of the recent call of dutys

stobyflips says:

what sensitivity you play

Falfool says:

I gave the game a shot after watching this video and I’m actually really enjoying my time playing it, thank you for the video dude <3

Doomy_Doomy says:

Who would have thought the call of duty killer would be a game that copied call of duty to the tee.

Jake Worden says:

Kinda reminds me a little of that old game called brink

Qunubu UK says:

i love it! PS4 with KB/M support plz now thnx!

Jake Worden says:

Rainbow 6 and cod decided to have a baby after all

Jesse Murkins says:

Any recommendations for someone looking to get their first Gaming pc, forbplaying squad, Arma, pubg. No price range.

Steven Hertz says:

I don’t like how it has basically zero recoil

Blazester says:

The Worst Thing about it is there is only Europe and American Server
RIP Asians and Australians
well atleast everything else is good

True Bleach Gaming says:

So I installed it and I run it then it just gets stuck on a black screen what do I do ;-;

Dark Monkey98 says:

4:51 “I love deep, uh” hahah yeah me too

Prec1pitation says:

2025? Black Ops 2 Remastered, is that you?

Martim Cabral says:


CrudeToons says:

Black ops 2?

Big Poppa productions says:

called ironsight starts of with a snipers scope

Geo Godzilla says:

Im lookin into this, the download looks sketch but Ill bite

goon2Ɐgoblin says:

If only it was on console..

Red4Ever says:

Make me think about CoD and Warface that got a baby

AdmiralZone says:

Sounds so much like warface. But its done right because there isn’t a pay2win.

dylan boyd says:

Yeah that looks almost like COD plagiarism. But in a good old COD mw1 way. Definitely will try this out.

J C. says:

Ps4!!! We need one game like that. “This game look good.”

Dylan Roberts says:

Is this for xbox?

OMGIDestroyedMatter says:

Graphics look like a mobile shooter

Cedrick Moore says:

The onlyreason for me today to have friends is to play the games.

marc gaoud says:

gameplay is nice alot of map for the beta hope they make some after

w h o d i s says:

It’s too bad this isn’t a console game. I’d love to play this on my Xbox One or PS4.

Bob Phill says:

Looks like what ava wouldve been if aeria didnt run it into the ground. Hopefully they dont fuck this game up too

GiVin Hip-Hop says:

Definitely downloading this

myname jeff says:

If it ends up on steam I will get it, Otherwise nope. It will die.

Aceman says:

everytime i try to intall it says its corrupted

Carlo Alinea says:


Overlord says:

Daym this game is fun thank u LevelcapGaming !

Ice On My Wrist Look Better When I Dance says:

Compare the size/funding of the dev team to cod and realize how much cod needs to step up especially for a AAA title

Nothingnesks says:

looks like cod, warface #1

Commander Ungarr says:

is there a hardcore like mode?

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