Iron Sight! NEW Free to Play FPS Gameplay!

A look at some NEW gameplay of the upcoming free to play first person shooter called Iron Sight! A free to download game published by Aeria Games which is going into Closed Beta on the 24th of November

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Daryle Buhay says:

Hope its not pay to win

pilzerfa says:

Its at least better than call of bootleg infinite buzz lightyear warfare

Bok Yeti says:

Can u get it on Xbox?

Daniel Monge says:

I expect (an) _Iron Sight_ to do better while there is _Line of Sight_ .

Heh…I made a good joke there.

Vivek Chanda says:

Does it have controller support?

Adam Smith says:

Will it be on Steam?

Pepx10 says:

Omg Call of Duty

Nvidia msi Z97 says:


Amotricity says:

Awesome video bro! Ive been meaning to ask, what are your pc specs? and at what settings do you play Fortnite? Hope you can answer ^^

Victor Herbas says:

is black ligth retribution + call of dutty?? haha

Fahad Hossain says:

black squad is still the best

Minihulk says:

NVIDIA Geforce 9600? 2 GB of ram? What do I look like? the freaking NASA?

Fr4nie says:

hopefully no pay to win

Spríng Trap says:

Actualy gonna try it, this one looks promising after a long time of shitty fps games.

Donteo50 says:

Only thing i’m scared about is Aeria Games publishing, it looks like a great game but holy crap Aeria Games is ruthless. If you don’t do well right out the gates, they’ll cut you off fast

knight go says:

does this game already been released?

Zimuus ☆ says:

If you spend money on this game you’re bound to get screwed over. Aeria has already shut down 3 FPS games and lets their failing games simmer for months before finally announcing shutdown, which they then only give refunds for the last months worth.

Play the game for sure but don’t be upset when they inevitably shut the game down and you lose it all the money you spent on it.

JOSHthGamer says:

I’m a simple man. I see Aeria games, I avoid.

arcanine824 says:

Ya I was looking forwards to this game untill i heard it was being published by Aeria games. Ofc im still gonna try it, but this is the company that turned all cosmetic items that give stats into lootboxes for almost all their MMORPGs. From my past experience with the company, I have no doubt in my mind that they will find a way to ruin this game.

Moon - Games says:

hope it gets the hitmarkers right

Robert Hipolito says:

Aeria games, noooo! They practically killed A.V.A,

Muhammed Tutuk says:

Looks a bit like CoD

Wølf Fäńg says:

Looks like another generic FPS game. I’ll pass.

pyro king435 says:

This game is for bad pc and is fun… sing me in I have cod mw2

Jay Kwon says:

it’s 14th of November.

Li Wang says:

I just sorta wished that the developers would have taken this game into their own hands and had their own release independently, sorta like Black Squad. Cause in BS (at least for me), it’s hardly if not pay-to-win at all. I’ve been running around with the default TAVOR, and a R5 (I bought with in game currency) and I never once felt the need to buy something with real cash. Though it’s questionable that the developers of Iron Sight could still make their game P2W , it’s nonetheless 100% guarantee that Aeria games would make the game unfairly P2W.

The Great Horned Owl says:

gonna give this one a chance, i have played Wolf Team and it was a amazing game but it was P2W AS F**K, i hope the same thing doesn’t happen with this one.

Apoliox says:

it looks like cod + Rainbow siege + Csgo

None of your concern says:

The poor mans black ops

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