Iron Sight: First Look Gameplay Review (Free to Play FPS)

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A first look review / impressions of Iron Sight, a new free to play first person shooter! Currently in closed beta, the game is scheduled for a full release in 2018

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ProToaster arms says: vote for classic ca #MakeCANice

akaGiant says:

yo im down for this shit it looks nice af

Jeaigh Walker says:

Sooo I won a key for this game… AND IT’S AWESOME!!

Deagles and C4 are also awesome!

Eskimo Joey says:

Take a shot everytime he says go

TrebleD3AD says:

Finally a good F2P twitch arena shooter with SPAWN FLIP

Unzensiert says:

fk aeria! u woud understand that if u played AvA!

DK 201 says:

Joseph Mottram says:

You call 250 ping playable…. I can’t even at 50

redbandit1able says:

Already signed up when closed beta was released but site says `in case you are chosen you will be informed`still waiting…I wasnt the one…SIGH!lol

Blanc Despair says:

will this thing go p2w?

Cahan says:

Guys valofe wants to publish Combat Arms Classic!!!

naichel says:

combat arms classic is comming back if we vote help us please with the 100.000 target
please make a video of it

Only who agreed with the service transfer of Combat Arms : Reloaded can vote

the voting is until 15 dec, 24:00 CET

so help us with the old combat arms, you can vote on

Nabael says:

You poor Australians. I couldn’t imagine trying to play a multiplayer FPS game at 200+ ping. That’s literally putting you at a disadvantage handicap of 1/5 of a second, which does make a difference.

tim ps4 says:

its a good game but its closed beta not open beta

FocusModz says:

i have a gaming pc so im cool about running it

ggamer 18 says:

DOWNLOAD IN 3….2…1….

postMYloan. says:

I have faith in this. Im downloading it rn!

GogglingJam says:

for somereason it reminds me of call of duty mix ballistic gameplay (if anyone knows ballistic) or maybe an upgrade to roblox phantom forces

Esteban Serna says:

I Here RoyalPainYT

Lavatorias says:

nice video and cool game

Dark intel 4000 says:

bye bye warface

Filip Marić says:

can i play it with 2 gb ram

Luwill says:

this game legit Awesomeness, i dont really play cod but i could play the shit out of this …excuse me my match is starting, later dudes.

God says:

holy shit this looks nice

Lucky says:

how were you able to play? iv signed up but i can’t play it

David Rodriguez says:

this look like a good game sir but no story line or personality people like in game like combat verse or cod nice job in video sir

Oraiys says:

Spawning would be far superior if it was just random. Fuck having designated zones that flip flop. Eventually people will understand that oh I killed them here therefore they will spawn behind me over here. If they just made like 50 spawning points and then the game just randomly picks a point and spawns you there. Done Fixed so many damn issues with spawning right there.

Joseph Gang says:

just downloaded it

Cold September says:

when you said it mimics mw3, i got excited

Deion says:

This game actually looks decent

SaintAims says:

Thanks ucd, think i’ll give it a shot because I have the CBK

sebastian34 says:

did u see if on the valofe page u can vote to get the old ca back they want 100,000 votes tho

Luciano Larrosa says:

300 ms and playing good, nice

TurkeyKnives 222 says:

Is this on steam??

Aleksandar Savevski says:

Its to fast paced

G3rmanGam3s says:

I find it looks awsome, I think about to buy me a closed beta access or maybe I win one.

Logan Rider says:

Anyone know if you actually can get into the closed beta without buying a founders pack

Izzuddin M Nasir says:

Im still playing black squad, when this game blast on asia server….im in

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