INTENSE VR FPS COMBAT with CUSTOM WEAPONS! – Zero Caliber VR Gameplay – Oculus VR FPS Game

INTENSE VR FPS COMBAT with CUSTOM WEAPONS! – Zero Caliber VR Gameplay – Oculus VR FPS Game

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play of Zero Caliber is a military FPS developed exclusively for VR. Realistic weapon handling, engaging story, Co-Op, PvE and soon PvP modes, immersive environment. Customize your weapons, learn how to reload each of them, fight alongside your friends, use your tactical skills to accomplish the mission

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TheMilitarySailor says:

more g-mod

Pranshu Agarwal says:

If camodo is happy about his fans he will pin my comment

Chris Lubenetski says:

Nice video!


Also if you want I can do a multiplayer flashing lights with you since you didn’t have upload one In a while.

Alexander Hernandez says:


Jessie JR says:

Zero Zero Zero C A L I B E R

Izac Arusell says:

I love ur vid and this one is so awesome I Love when u play with o.b and spy love ur vids


My favorite gun is ak47

Chase Briggs says:

Gmod capcher the flag.

Mustang Boss says:

definitely worth waiting for

Logan Harkner says:

Pulls pin from Grenade and cooks it. While everyone converges towards the Frag as it blows up

Oliver Bjørk says:

where is mist survival?

William Hounsell-Drover says:

Do the Geneva conventions not apply to your squad?

SwiftKnight1 says:

Happy early thanksgiving Camodo!

Trooper 5678 says:

Tell Bob Happy Thanksgiving

SSSniperTiger says:

It’s gold! *COCKS*
Thank you!


Play Jurassic World Evolution camodo

Anthony Quinn says:

Bru best youtuber ever like if you agree

Kert Väina says:

Pls make today thief simulator or i die

Olav Bolin says:

Plz do more dragracing

Spaded Pokémon says:

I love your. Videos!!!!! Can you do more videos on Bri o rigs with moomba

titankillers 1647 says:

You make the best videos ever

Landen K says:

Do more

Oreorez Live says:


**Pulls out shotgun**

What about the Bazooka???

Oh ya

Ya Salty Boi says:

Prob one of favorite YouTubers but could you do more stormworks

Jason Messersmith says:

Tiny town?

Trooper 5678 says:

Happy early Thanksgiving camodo

Max P says:

We love you

Oweey formally known as ok ok says:

Where is tiny town?

Zplay Games says:


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