Intense Urban Combat || Post Scriptum Gameplay (NEW WW2 FPS)

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Intense Urban Combat || Post Scriptum Gameplay

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Dope pumpkin Dude says:

Plz do more

E a r l says:

Them planes sound amazing oh my lord

NOR Spitfire says:

Oh boy

Tyler Hancock says:

The pink mist headshot at the 8:25 mark was awesome. Can’t wait for this game.

Quidquib says:

the zoom when you hold your breath is awful… Honestly it’s way too much I hope it’s wip. the game looks great tho.

SmokingSwampert says:

The reload animation looks more authentic than what I’m used to than CoD/BF, also the dirty hands make it way more immersive.

TheMysteriousSwede says:

The plane sounds in this gameeeee Kreygasm

I am so jealous of you, Slick.. I know NOR_Spitfire is too, haha!

We are so hyped for this game!

TheMajesticTurtle says:

Those aircraft sounds are pretty nutt.

The Forbidden Taco says:

This game loks gae cod ww2 is better

Please dont burn me at the steak this game looks pretty cool and has some nice graphics

Krellio 900 says:

goddamn if squad is awesome, how good is this?

Clément Aut says:

It’s a great game

Gooby Duu says:

Hope we get to watch this in a stream soon.

ACA B.B.B. says:

this looks too good .. this is what I’m looking for and want for years

YoBoiPapa -Smurf says:

Yes please

Ottla Kafka says:

Looks a little like h&g…but good

Dr.pJELY says:

Im not seeing any link in the description, reported for clickbait.

Valentin Barrier says:


Jean Claude says:

Looks like squad wtf

GamenRyder says:

Considering the tank and plane sounds are so awesome, the infantry gun sounds are disappointing

A richtig B flsch says:

Explosions and smoke look really cool, only the left hand, the way it´s holding the gun, looks kinda stiff and weird… but overall cool game.

Morbid Nightcore says:

My “Subscribtion” Side is full with Post Scriptum videos. Last 5 min.

TheBranchez says:

Don’t tell me that the system requirements are going to be those mentioned on the steam page?

Nate4Life01 says:

so is this a squad mod?

Benny Basilan says:

Why cant the public play, comeon! give us it to play

Bullet4MyEnemy says:

I love how they’re making a point of ensuring everyone knows the animations are all placeholder and could be improved, but really everything is fucking spot on already.

That G43 reload is flawless as fuck.

Ruby O'Neil says:

Now the biggest question, can I play it on my waffle iron of a pc?

Donovan Turner says:

Slapped between 2 fine bratwurst

Duke a.k.a Slick Bee's dog says:

From looking at this… This is my new favorite game…

Skull & Bones says:

Great playing in the closed test with you, I got some awesome footage as well!

Ross Antonio Jose ATIENZA says:

What happens when the Mobile Spawn Point is destroyed?

IronHavoc says:

As a German I am disappointed in you for calling us Bratwurst, it’s Sauerkraut if anything.

Grimy Gamer says:

I really had a lot of fun moments with you all, thank you! 😀

dalaroo 68 says:

Pretty damm good

X Ronixx X says:


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