Insurgency: Sandstorm is FPS DONE RIGHT [ E3 Gameplay, my thoughts and impressions ]

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NobunagaGG says:

can i buy the game in dollars even if iam from EU ?

N G says:

That instant hit register would be nice to have in The Tarkov

TheHardWay71 says:

fuckin love you eroktic, never change pls

Dark Shift Music says:

I am heavily looking forward to this game. There is only ONE problem I have. From all the footage I’ve seen, a fast reload is not fast enough to justify losing more than 10 rounds in the mag. Fast reload is kinda slow. :

Oxi Gamer says:

Another shooter – no more, !! sorry – is like a CS go with better graphics

KIng Green says:

I found you because of BIGFRY

CRE4MPIE says:

pre ordered already 🙁 SKRAAAAAA sorry ! Insurgency is a great game ! Sandstorm hopefully doesn’t disappoint !

esmokebaby says:

Already a fry sub lol but ya this looks great

BaitSauce says:

definitely getting this now. good video man.

SaltyLeftY says:

Love your accent xD

Silver says:

it looks quite bad, i dont understand the hype arround this.

FrostGaming CSGOLive says:

me: will there be other things?

Jimmy Brown says:

I think that will be the shooter of the year!

Tree Boi says:

the way the bullets work is similar to a garry’s mod mod that adds bullet drop and velocity, but only after a number of meters.

S - haz says:

This is gonna be my most played game if its anything as good as the original. Pre ordered and can’t wait for beta.

dj3hac says:

Americas Army proving grounds (which is good, free, and on steam) has the same reloading system where you can cancel the reload and have a rifle without a mag.

Peter Quad says:

Kinda want this time to kill in Tarkov too 😀

Beer Me says:


S U C C says:

bigfry is a total piece of shit

Mt R. says:

Its the best fps to get bored too. Its repetitive and lose fun after 30 hours playing

jhn rnk says:

insurgency got me into PC gaming and I loved how competitive and serious it was. Been waiting for this revamp and new game for years.. but now I’m hooked on tarkov haha

onlywson says:

We love when u upload

Widdly says:

hell yeah

draxthedarkreaper says:

Battlefield has done the same with bullet physics

Kikematamitos says:

This game don’t have any bullshit!

AKARazorback says:

HYPE! For Close quarter combat combat (CQC-Combat) 😀

Gunther41 says:

Hit scan isn’t new, there are a bunch of games that use it already (look at rust, where the bullet will be a laser beam for a couple of seconds, then it starts to behave acording to the bullet physics)
Fast reload is already a thing in tarkov, don’t see how this game does that better.
Less detail in a map is a bad thing…i get that it might make the game run better but detail adds to the enviroment, it’s not all “headshots”, some people enjoy the little things and the atention put in a map.
Again, just because you don’t like foliage and trees it doesn’t mean that a map without them would be better, it just means that you prefer different types of pvp.
This game’s can’t be serious…what is this? fortnite+team fortress 2 ?
And please don’t pretend this game is an actual tactical shooter…People play slower in games like cod and battlefield ffs..look at those clips, there are people jumping from two story tall buildings to rush a guy and shoot him point blank, when they could clearly play a lot safer, but they don’t do it because dying has no real consequence.

Pyrohawk says:

eroktic my man, your audio has a lot of sibilance in this vid, meaning when you talk and say “s” its sounds much louder and hurts people’s ears. I’m also using pretty good headphones with a relatively flat response range (beyerdynamic DT990 pros) so I can’t imagine how it would sound on treble-heavy headphones.

I don’t know how you would treat this, I usually just dampen those frequencies when I’m making music (easy to see in the equalizer) – pretty sure whatever software you use for editing or mastering should have methods for treating this.

Other than that, great content as usual

VORTEX 100K says:

this is escape from tarkov without the garbage features like loot

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