Huge Profit Train Heist! – VR Western FPS – Westard Gameplay (HTC Vive VR)

Welcome to Westard VR! Westard is a robbery and heisting-focused Western FPS for VR! Welcome to Westard VR! Get ready to heist banks and rob trains solo or in co-op with friends! Take it to the western streets to decide who controls the town in pvp multiplayer modes. In this episode of Westard we infiltrate a town and rob a train! I hope you enjoyed this episode of Westard, thank you for watching and liking.

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Intro: Odd Chap: Jams
Outro: JAWN


Zachismo says:

Bless you.

Nick Fallon says:

Love your hat.

lyndon williamson says:

You need to do co-op with this dude!!

TheShaggy Creeper says:

Cowboys are not as they are proposed today, cowboys were actually the people that brought cows from the south to Kansas up to the railroad so the cattle was fresh. The stereotype that they were western running gunning race men was brought in the buffalo bill Wild West shows and is not accurate.

KwakWack says:

Your disguise made this pretty cool haha

Jaden Booth says:

The fact how committed to the role makes this so much better

Rickert says:

Can you play war thunder?


Do farmer dynasty

Ruben van Hilten says:

Play this game whit your friends

No Body says:

you are such a beautiful cowboy draegast

Dub Step says:

*(That caught me by surprise)*

Draegast, If your reading this.
I love your Cowboy Outfit, and it fits the game Perfectly! =D

Kullen Bookout says:

There is payday in VR

shadow stalk says:

instant like for wearing that GETUP .atleast someone cares about the immersion!!!

Muhammad Faathin Naufal says:

Hey draegast could you play Shoppe keepe again because its been updated, BTW nice vid

anas stitou says:

Drae: i am a western mad man
Doktor: so drae who hurt you

Me17awesomesauce says:

Do more please

Sir_Chris gamez says:

Canadian becomes western nice
Love it

Pokey says:

Your Pistol is Left-Handed, but you’re using your right hand. :/

Zombiedn3 says:

The beard is very fitting

Joseph Stalin says:

Oh i love the 1887.

Enrique Benavides says:

This makes me miss red dead redemption

Horror l says:

Lol maybe some more Day of Infamy learning for a video

Matthew Asnaya Wu says:


Admiral Holey says:


Ilmari alarik says:

would enjoy if u do More!

The Third Crusader says:

Everyone in the comments: “Mcree!!!!! HIGHNOON!!!!!!!”

Me, an outdated, nostalgic loving hypster: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, “The Man With No Name”, *ACTUAL WESTERNS*

Mohammed Maaliki says:


M. Wells says:

You need to Google VR Lens Lab and see if they can get you your prescription. I got clear covers from them just to protect the lenses and they work nicely.

Last Raven says:

I’m not gonna pick up the sniper rifle just yet, I need to kill people first…. -Dreagast: 2018 xD

chucknorriswontdies says:

Those were the right bullets for the rifle because a Winchester takes pistol rounds it’s just you load it from the side silly goose

Hurricane_Kid says:

its called spray drae

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