HUGE MILITARY FPS BATTLES IN VR! – Zero Caliber VR Gameplay – Oculus VR Game

HUGE MILITARY FPS BATTLES IN VR! – Zero Caliber VR Gameplay – Oculus VR Game

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play of Zero Caliber is a military FPS developed exclusively for VR. Realistic weapon handling, engaging story, Co-Op, PvE and soon PvP modes, immersive environment. Customize your weapons, learn how to reload each of them, fight alongside your friends, use your tactical skills to accomplish the mission

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Kwisatz Haderach says:

What’s up with your tracking? Hands are like flopping fish

ROB VR says:

In the old days you could pick up a ready loaded gun with the safety off.
My play is laughable compared to yours.
But I did managed to HACK it….

Deamon Rodriguez says:

My first thought as well.

Nandashwor Singha says:

Too funny

Enrico Ique Nathaniel Martinez says:

If ur ammo/bullets are out u need a new mags and pull the lever or thingy straigth

Mehmet Gul says:


Why Do I Have 1 Subscriber? I HAVE NO VIDEOS!!! says:

Wait… can you surrender?

The Bearded Bro says:

Clips are used in guns like he M1 and aren’t used much anymore. Most guns are mag fed or belt fed. Clips are used to push ammo in to the gun normally and are expendable, mags are not expendable (for the most part) and can re reloaded

Whitney Kinman says:

Join the actual military to learn how to get to cover

Kenneth Appiah-Serebour says:

I think i like zero caliber

Melande says:

how people buy those staff and games? VR is something that i cant reach for me. is it end-user stuff now? or still tests and prototypes.

also so fun edit.

Camodo Gaming says:

Trying something new on the channel today! Let me know what you think?

Saif Salmani says:

Chal suar sala

Brando Beauvais Mule says:

magizine not clip

Co5oo _ says:

This is an unrealistic game because of the automatic function on the guns

judah marquis says:

Camodo you know it’s isn’t a ap 5 the AP 5 isn’t a real gun xd

Majd Darouich says:


Twisted Jarhead says:

Face reveal

judah marquis says:

And helpful tips if you clip isn’t empty you can reload with out pulling the …..

Alex Sp says:

Just played the demo wooooow great VR shooter really is hardcore action packed definite buy:)

Soggy Potato says:

As long as there is one bullet left in the clip, you can reload with cocking it back because the blowback of the bullet still in the gun will cock the gun for you. Like so Camodo can see.

NoVa_E says:

is this game requires a 3rd Sensor for playing with turning 360° and crouching by myself? or is this possible without roomscaling with just 2 Sensors? i dont want to buy a 3rd sensore.

by the way: what is the difference if i use the 3rd Sensor??


A container that holds rounds is a magazine. A thin metal strip that holds rounds (think M1 Garand reloading from Medal of Honor and other games) is a “clip”. This game looks pretty awesome. I still wonder if the bolt release works on the M carbines.

judah marquis says:

*joins military and do something wrong then tells after camodo* “why do you got to be so mean”

いしばしつよし says:

This game should be called Gun Gale Online

Lol jk

Da faq u looking at? says:

Im the 1k like!!

Zoe Morgan says:

Its a mp5 just can’t say it for copy right reasons

lollypopkyd says:

Clip… Properly speaking, it’s always called a magazine, regardless if it’s a rifle, pistol, SMG etc… Also, that was not a red dot sight. That’s an EOTech holographic sight. But to a non shooter, you really wouldn’t know the difference. Espicially how the holographic sights uses a single laser refraction and the red dots use a single LED to create the dot.
And for the record, SCAR’s are a very shitty rifle. On average, the SCAR jams about 3 times, per every 40 to 50 rounds.


Try blade and sorcery

Miniman says:

Be warned children this game has strong language

Double Doggo says:

You seemed confused as to what CQB was before you were in it. CQB Means Close Quarter Battles/Combat

Evan TEM says:


Glitcherific says:

It’s an mp5. They probably named it ap5 to avoid copyright issues

filip 114 says:

More plz

para dox says:

You have infinite magazine

beebop shopbop says:

For all the kiddos it’s a magazine. Kids need to be educated in gun culture. All good though, at one point I didn’t know the difference either. Also AR in AR15 DOES NOOOOOT stand for assault rifle. It stands for armalite weapons.

Blasteroid17 says:

I really liked this video!!!! And correction, they aren’t called clips, they are called magazines

Witted Acrobat19 says:

It’s called a Magazine. While a “silencer” is actually called a suppressor. The AP 5 I really an MP5

p Grain says:

epic please play this again like if you agree

Hans Swanenberg says:

I’ve been watching your channel for a long time now and ur amazing btw I love stormworks to

Fabrice DUVAL says:

Superbe 😉 vivement le 9 novembre ….!!!!

shadowraft games says:

Do more camodo

Firaz Bhikhie says:

I said H3VR but….this is okay aswell,

Twisted Jarhead says:

Those thies were ammo pouches

Peter Tran says:

Do I need two controllers or one?

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