Hell Let Loose – Kickstarter Success (WW2 FPS GAMEPLAY)

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Oni64 says:

This looks like it’s going to be another Battalion downgrade in the future. Looks good during the kickstarter phase, but then the quality drops off.

Wesley Tomsky says:

Outta curiosity why do you want a keyword so you know we finished the video? Even so I could just skip to the end, but what’s the point?

Game’s visuals look great btw, but the most tactical game I’ve ever played was rainbow 6 siege lol, this looks waaaaay too real war sim for me.

MrJodete23 says:

Hmmm, this or Post Scriptum?

Croz Raven says:

Is this game have destruction physics like at least bad company 2 level?

I just want day of Infamy with bigger map, bigger max players, vehicles, & destruction physics. That’s it. I am hoping this game will be it.

FieryTooT says:

This game will fail

KennyKyle says:

squad reskin, i don’t see anything special.

Peter Okafo says:


Mario Ada says:

The gameplay doesn’t look as good as Day of Infamy’s.

Josh Friedman says:

Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptorum, and Traction Wars. So excited

Park0urDavid says:

You should revisit ‘Dead By Daylight’. They recently added Freddy Krueger to the game, and it’s awesome. Would like to see your impressions now that it’s fully out of Alpha and has a much deeper skill system.

TheLittleDetails CR says:

What are your wolfenstein thoughts?

MrShott13 says:

Yet another niche, and ambitious tactical FPS game that’s going to dissapoint all of it’s hype crowd. I have seen to much KS games that got hyped like crazy , funded within days, and die in about 2 months. Yet whenever another one pops up we all forget about what happend to all the prior games. They all claim to be this, and that they will have features A, B, C, and all types of other marketing crap, but for some reason those promises always end up being steaming piles of bullshit.

Chance Bond says:

This is the one game I’m most excited for as a pc platform game. I backed it already just can’t wait. #manor

Blaggy Cat says:

Can you shit on Fortnite please?

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