HEATHEN SONS OF THE LAW Gameplay Demo (New FPS Action Game 2018)

HEATHEN is a solo story driven adventure with an immersive First Person view. (F.P.S)

• Release Date: :December 18, 2018 (Early Access)
• Platform: PC

STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/611230/Heathen__The_sons_of_the_law/

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one_shrubbery says:

Needs a better inventory menu when you collect stuff. Something like what’s in the metro games would work good

Rayse Calhoun says:

This is what far cry needs to go back to. Nothing like running out of ammo then performing a 20ft leap to claw them across the map lol

Richard Henry says:

Always Sons. Perdition, Anarchy, crucified and torchered.

Darth Musturd says:

Why is this not on trending yet?

TheCynicsCynic says:

I remember seeing the trailer for this a few months ago. Looked cool; interesting concept. At least it’s different from all the sci-fi/WW2 shooters out there. I wonder how it’ll turn out.

Aaron Lane says:

Hide from these monsters

друг says:

“Hey this game looks nice”
> Cry Engine
Yeah nvm

Yusuf Özarslan says:

average game

JaCGaming says:


Aaron Lane says:


ArtOfTheCarbine says:

Visually, this game looks like an xbox 360 launch title.

vedat dinç says:

Grafikler, atmosfer güzel duruyor. Oynanış olarak oyunu oynamadığım sürece bir yorum yapamam. Hikayesi çok basit gibi geldi ama.

Aaron Lane says:


Dean Mullen says:

looked okay for the first couple of minutes or so

Aaron Lane says:

Love games I mean

soapek says:

Looks meh

Aaron Lane says:

Love your vids

awesomejf03 says:

Reminds me of Hunt: Showdown

Good snowmen says:

Meehh looks like some kinda mobile game

Tyler Durden says:

Exactly the same nails as my ex, same moaning sounds, same lack of ability for shooting guns….Shaniqua, is that you?

Char Aznable says:

“You can collect back the bolts you shooted.”

Nine Three Gaming says:

Looks like it has a lot of potential but it needs more interaction, looks pretty boring as is. Also the positioning of the character’s hand on the double barrel as well as the reload animation for the double barrel, lol just wow

Максим Гуляев says:

It is for iPhone, right?

Russians React says:

This looks like Serious Sam or Will Rock. Even the graphics are similar hahaha

Seb CROUZET says:

Looks like and reminds me Far Cry the first with that kind of abilities and graphics

Nome boy says:

These type games we need on console

The Rothchilds says:

Keep in mind guys. Only 2 people developed this game. TWO!

BloodyTiger says:

Is there a map or compass?

Sth Lng says:

The spelling errors seem to be the most obvious issue here. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other problems. The game itself could use a variation of animations for different actions, such as bullets impacting enemies, throwing them back in different ways. The envoirment itself also seems to be a little too… quiet? Well, for a jungle with exotic animals and animal hybrids running around, I would expect them to make quite a lot of noise. As for the graphics, they could be better, since we are talking about CryEngine here.
But this is just a 17 minute DEMO. And for the only 2 developers working on the game, must’ve been tough shit to make all this and keep the game open-world. But I will just wait for the actual gameplay of the first episode, since it’s pretty pricey.

Also, I wish there would be some friendly mutants on the island, would make the game more immersive and stay truthful to the book.

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