Heathen 25 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (New FPS Horror Survival Game) 2017

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Gray Au says:

Fear the old blood.

Maury Rhodes says:

looks interesting and may contain pieces of other games. Making something better maybe.

xXxTeshixXx says:

It reminds me of Metro, Painkiller and Far Cry 😀

tomateLopes says:

This Alpha 0.1 game looks better than a lot of full content released and AAA games. kk

J South says:

Like most Cry Engine games, this will look great but be poorly optimized, and probably wont work.

CC Gameworks says:

Nothing new but cool to see there is good interest in Heathen.

Brad Stephenson says:

I kinda dig the bizarre aesthetic, but I gotta say this is the first time I’ve seen a FPS game where the Shotgun actually seems UNDERpowered! lol

Phantasmal Gaming says:

feels like the old game Heretic,.. where do i buy it?

Bálint Csóka says:

You didn’t found anything?


DeerGod 702 says:

Am i the only one who gets that Metro 2033/Last Light vibe towards the environment but on the combat mechanics more of a Bioshock feeling?

GreyTailed Fox says:

konsolowy plebs

letsshootlp says:

This game Looks like Necrovision, very oldschool, thats cool!

Zachary Law says:

Kinda looks like a combination of rage and prey in the art style of resistance. Interesting.

Armen1Y Akt says:

Amazing. When released?

Stella Blue says:

To everyone who’s criticizing the grammar of the game: Have you ever considered that maybe, just MAYBE, English is not their first language? Why don’t you be thankful, for once, that you can at least UNDERSTAND what they’re trying to get across? God, everyone’s a critic…

Ctancreation says:

this is 10 years late

billy niemann says:

is dis for ps4?

Robert Mendez says:

I don’t think a person would scream like that when they get shot thru the back of the head at close range with a crossbow. I think it would be instant death with maybe some low death gurgles.

spqninjapl says:

That calm shotgun reload annimation 😛

Rnrn n jjnj says:

is it comeing for us peasents to or is it for pc ? c:

Jakov says:

Looks really interesting, seeing the British flag there makes me really wonder what the story is

Thunder Note says:

this is the same song from Night In The Woods

lottalava says:

remainders me quake

J Rogers says:

Looks pretty bad imo

Vae victoribus says:

So that’s Cryengine? Looks like a hammered shit…

Eastern Eggs Unboxing says:

Either my grammar knowledge is equal to potato, or they fucked up writing … Did’nt found. 2 mistakes in one sentence… is this only me or you noticed that too?

tomateLopes says:

Shit. The only bad thing about this game is:
“Price : Paid episodic content”

Rosta Stejsk says:

It’s hard to bring some new mechanics into FPS these days, so good look is important…..
and this game doesn’t look much better than Vietcong game that is almost 15 years old…
I know it’s Indie game….probably not good genre for Indie developers

RhyXion says:

a game on cry engine? holy crap it’s been a while since I seen one. unless I missed one.

Harrison Ressler says:

So is the art style ww1 lovecraftian steampunk horror?

chaoticimpulse says:

very nicely done

3P1C4 says:

“You didnt found anything”… alright go back to school guys -.-

Rhoda Mackenzie says:

Looks like the new Prey.

Tome4kkkk says:

If you like this you may also like the Dead Birds horor movie.

Manchild says:

Kinda looks like a polished mess if you ask me

Ryan Paul Spidell says:

“For everyone the want that is bad
But you will want we do not know
We shall
Some want to follow things that move
To watch and slink and wait and spring and kill and bite
Bite deep and rich sucking the blood
It is bad
Not to chase other men
That is the law
Are we not men”

Did they just grab this from Google Translate? It makes no sense at all.

Bring me Peter pan says:

what person would throw a switch that says 12,000 volts while standing knee deep in water

Doomhardt says:

Some sounds at 3:58 and 4:04 sound like they were recycled from Half-Life 2

muemaccash says:

i m hyped as fuck

Samuel Neuin says:

Looks like it’s based in the early 1900’s due to the weapons being used

zaycan 101 says:

just take my wallet I need this game

Hewhoisseth says:

I like this a lot

Mau Vasconcellos says:

“You didn’t FIND anything”. Check that spelling!

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