GTFO – Gameplay Walkthrough & Trailer – New Multiplayer Survival FPS Game 2018

GTFO is a hardcore 4 player cooperative game, with a focus on team play and atmosphere. It features procedural gameplay scenarios through its Expedition Director, edge-of-your-seat suspense, team based puzzle solving and high intensity combat.

Release: TBA 2018 / Windows Pc

Game Website:

Steam Link:


Cassius 22 says:

I’m really not buying the graphics, at least before Ultra high quality mod

Biodeamon says:

so do they know how to make anything else other an 4 player games

Jamaru Peri says:

Music reminds me of the dying light soundtrack.


4:45 Oboetenai koto mo takusan attadarou
Daremo kare mo shiruetto
ta ichi ni shitai mono wasureta
Furi o shitanda yo
Nanimo nani yo waraerusa

Henshin Go says:

is this game can “only be played online”? and “no single player”? Can anyone please answer me?

bingo bongo says:

this shit is gonna flop harder than raid ww2

M Y L E G says:

Yea guys the game wants you to gtfo

Trashtalker420 pc/xbox says:

its like resident evil the movie when they go down into the hive

Bryan Anther says:


Overly Paranoid says:

Oh, it is a heist except that they replace cop with zombies, Lmao.

ElmoChingon sabe todo says:

6:36 narutoooooooo! !!!!!! :v

Tarrenger Drakenlied says:

How Alien Swarm should have been.

Random Fun says:

Damn zombies running like fucking Naruto up in here, lmao.

joshua dejesus says:

Dude, the melee kills me Everytime they smack the shit out of one

Ari Morilla says:

uuuhhh gtfo = left or deaddd

Aviator says:

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it 😀

Zacky Raven says:

If alien swarm and left 4 dead had a baby

Techi Lej says:

G= get
T= the
F= fuck
O= out . Is this the game full name?

Harshey says:

Just Never Voice act in gaming Trailer.

Cody Tyler says:

Gameplay looks great! Only complain I have is the gunplay looks a little off.

ArcziKuz says:

Is there any possibility that it will be released also for VR?

L2818 says:

Not bad

DavisterIsBoss says:

Please come to Ps4

V Bravo says:

Get The Fuck Out?

Joel Norgren says:

Looks very promising. I have two questions tho. Why is some of the creatures running like weebs and why do they shit potatoes when they die?

Vespa Inculta says:

I guess bioshock Atlas is in this. makes me interested.

ThePhantomFeather says:

love the atmosphere…. but… why no reload animations at all?

lol Duck lol says:

Okay I’m intrested I’m keeping an eye on this game, let’s see what more is there eh? Atmosphere and intensity seems great so far. Needs some action animations like weapon reloading, medkit usage, door opening etc.
If there is a beta in the future I’m playing it 🙂 hope it comes to ps4

run2u250 says:

Is it me or do the guys in the trailer sound like they’re from South Africa?

cobal zete says:

Nice but… DoeS iT HAs BatTLe rOyaLE?

TheAlchemist says:

6:37 is that fucking Naruto???

CoreZixUltima says:

If only the people from payday made the walking dead like this

FatandGoth says:

is this a mix between left4dead and alienswarm? Because I like that.

Youtuber Number 99 says:

Graphics look really good but there are too few variations of the potato head enemies, game would get boring really quick

CoreZixUltima says:

Hoping GTFO dlc is coming out with 4 different modes, zombie, alien’s, mutants so far

knightofnyiuh says:

This game satisfies my “star wars commando sequal” needs

Legendary Legacy says:

is gtfo launching on PS4 or is it a pc exclusive ???

Efe Özdemir says:

Get the fuck off-gtfo

Zidzan says:

Looks like a good game, name is trash tho

Troy Addict says:

Why dose it look like alien game ?..

Reaper Kezia says:

Is that Fontaiiiiine from mother fucking BIOSHOCK?!?!?!?

Cocoa WTF says:


Hunter Densmore says:

I need to know the LORE

Lil Cumstain says:

watch this shit turn out to be bad again lmao

Jack requiem says:

“Mom, I`m playing a game, GTFO”

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