GTA V PC First Person Mode 60 FPS Gameplay

A look at GTA V PC first person mode in 60 FPS and how much smoother the gameplay experience is over 30 FPS as seen in the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

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How much FPS can i get?
My PC specs:
Core i5 2400 4 cores, 4 threads

8gb DDR3 RAM

GIGABYTE GT 740 2GB OC edition GDDR5

How much FPS can i get if i will play GTA V on 1024*768 resolution and low or medium settings?

PaoloRi95 says:

6:14 That guy in dark red was so lucky

Alex Van Oordt says:

Video is to awkward without anybody talking..

Real FPS says:

dat 60fps

The UndauntedWand0 says:

Damn 60fps looks good.

Clit Yeastwood says:

3:13 some one uses money haks

Puzzoozoo says:

Is this the campaign or the multiplayer?

ExtremelyDerped says:

Tbh it looks sick 0.0 sure Graphical textures might not beat games like Bf4 and such but in-game looks amazing. Can’t wait to max this out… having problem with the Social club downloader.. only 3 gb left and i keep loosing connection. Should have bought it off steam.

Lisa Warner says:

Fantastic vid!

BreakingUP says:

Joypad? I guess it’s yes.

BeCar44 says:

normal day in GTA just walk around normally and then start shooting everybody just BECAUSE!

Blue says:

Getting Tuesday… seems like forever!!!

Vape NATION 420 says:


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