GRIP 1.1.8 (Epic settings, 60 FPS) Gameplay

Welp, Youtubes compression fucked the quality up again! YAY!



General Makaba says:

Love the music

Muscleduck says:

This doesn’t look like nearly as much fun as rollcage.

Psygnozis says:

Just like Roll Cage stage II :D… the soundtrack is gorgeous on this one

Devashish Khandelwal says: Anybody knows which music is this one?

Sawyer Lawler says:


Name Surname says:

Drum&Bass perfect music

Lky.InstInct says:

Is this free

Robert Barbour says:

That dnb music is superb for a high octane racing game like this.

Mad Max says:

thats the fucking rollcage, when i  saw in Steam,  GRIP i  had to buy it, i was waiting for such game, over 12 years lol 🙂

DG Vincent says:

dead on arrival. 0 players online. sad.

StrikerTC1 says:

That Vintek Juggernaut can take some serious damage. Beast lol

westcoast2k8 OP-7 says:

Awesome ROLLCAGE Ps4 FTW!!

jordansc0tt says:

roll cage completely filled my young childhood, what an absolute masterclass and this looks so much like capturing the original it’s untrue, shocked I haven’t found out about this sooner, get dis S$%T on ps4 ASAP

_ pro gamerZ says:

This game ROLLCAG sony ps1

worksmagic89 says:

The music for this game is off the chain it fits so perfect

Agugu says:

im about to buy this game, can i play it with 4 of my friends in my pc with 4 usb 360 controllers?? like split screen x4.?

Mateusz Nenutil says:

Oh sh*t, i must have it. I will rape purchase button xD

dawgyv72 says:

Meh, homing rockets.

Aaron Wrobel says:

I like me some good surname

richardhalo says:

Good looking yet boring at best.

FriedRyce says:

This game has an awesome soundtrack.

Shrek Is your mum says:

Put more DnB in games like come on!

Laurinda Isilva says:

awww if they do this to “vigilante 8” #justadream

Patrik Sadilek says:

i just want daytona map, and still being able to rocket jump 😀

stephen meinhold says:

if only they could fix the phisicks problems this game would sell like hotcakes.
they are there and they acknowledge them but so far they are still there and I am concerned they are going to release this without fixing them, which would be the kiss of death.

Gracz LeetGhost says:

Reminds my childhood when I was playing demo of Rollcage Stage II from CD-Action Magazine CD 🙂


what a soundtrack!

Mafa Rioch says:

ROLLCAGE being reborn.. I got tears in my eyes. It was my favourite game back in the days.

BlueTarantulaProductions says:

Rip off of the PS1 game series “Rollcage”

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