GENERATION ZERO – Gameplay Trailer (New Open World FPS Game 2019)

GENERATION ZERO – Gameplay Trailer (New Open World FPS Game 2019)


Lloyd Nix says:

So Guerilla Warfare against machines?

Why doesn’t somebody just make Red Dawn, but not call it Red Dawn and make it a game.

whitewolf 101 says:

I thought this was a battle royale

deloreandmc85 says:

Nowadays, the machines are african migrants who hunt down white Swedes and viciously murder them

Levi Davis says:

Horizon Zero Dawn

xCookieSlayer says:

Nah maybe next time

Some Cunt says:

Stalker: Robots of Pripyat

Tobias Schwarzkopf says:

this video is like porn

Ender Dragon says:

0:42 predator reference

Darren Earhart says:

So it’s like Fallout but less fun

XgUNp44 says:

I swear to god if I can’t make my guy look like a 80s rock star I will be disappointed.

Muffinz rpg says:

That rifle look like it came out of thehunter call of the wild

Chiefshadow4 says:

Sounded cooler until they put robots.

Truth will always be Truth! A lie is still a lie! says:

Surprisingly not alot mentioning that is *LITERALLY*sir you are being hunted.

Hoodom - League of Legends says:

IKEA The Game

沈茂成 says:

So, no roe deer hunting ?

John Doe says:

Horizon Zero Dawn?!!

wolfganghammerfistheywood says:

I like the concept but why the 80’s setting? They literally could have done the exact same thing, said it was modern day, and it wouldn’t have any (as of yet) noticeable impact on the game.

Fanfic AH says:

I hope it has way more weapons than the those ones in the trailer

Max Moore says:

It looks cool, but it looks like it would get boring after a while. The world looks lifeless

MartwoPiola says:

I got bored just by looking at this gameplay

Hajlakan says:

Attack of the autonomous Volvos

Punish - Latest Gameplay Trailers! says:

Click here for 10 minutes of Generation Zero Gameplay –

Clayton Burch says:

This is The Hunter Call Of The Wild, but with death robots, even shares an exact gun with the game

Guyu Games says:

Metro exodus
Battle royale

Victor Gustafsson says:

The only Swedishness I saw was the Lättmargarin för extrapris,

monkaGIGA says:

Guns? In Sweden???

martinaee says:

Looks like someone saw that episode of Black Mirror too…

Hawkeye 115n says:

Anybody else notice that the bolt action rifle he used and the field he shot the machine in are exactly the same as the ones in hunter call of the wild

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