Forza Motorsport 7 Demo | 4K 60 FPS Gameplay

Check out the stunning gameplay from the recent Forza Motorsport 7 PC demo in beautiful 4K 60FPS!

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Hiro Sugio says:

The graphics is just mind blowing..

john hizon says:

Very excited for this game its graphically the most appealing racing game ive seen at gamescom this year.

ARandomCommenter says:

This looks great. Shame I play on a ps4. Can Xbox games run on windows? Thinking about building a gaming PC.

Yolo Cholo says:

Can I play this with the arrow keys?

TheObsidianCat says:

No HUD mode would look awesome!

Kappa Xd says:

Now we gonna tune up the graphics even further and make it run at 24fps, so we can fool people that its real life

Mehdi Jell says:

Looks awesome in 4 k

Marlon Delos Santos says:

real deal

jernel gianan says:

May the FORZA be with you

Sandy Sheikh says:

wow the rain and lightning effect. so lit!!

James Johnson says:

Love the graphics just can’t get into this style of racing game myself. Arcade racers have always been more my speed.

Pazuzu Hanbi says:

So many new awesomeness games this year omg. I want them all 😀 Need to be #GameReady for them all #Gamescom

Sai Krishan Kumar says:

Forza is the epitome of racing games.

Xiellify says:

You can never have enough speed! Lookin’ swell! The rain weather is just brilliant.

Swifter358 says:

Looks really good in 4k

andre fuentes says:

wish i could play

Rijul Kansal says:

Need this, need this, need this, need this badly *shivers in dark room corner*

Prithvi Raj Reddy says:


PandaPlayz says:

Selling my pc to get this game

bonamin says:

First of all the game runs GREAT. I have a GTX 1070 and it runs like a champ at Ultra Settings.

BUT ! Post some real driving guys !
What is this ? All assists on ? 😀

I play with all Assists turn to off / simulation.

Phytal says:

is this vr

Pawel Rybka says:

I like cars.

BlackOppsRage says:

For once the background doesn’t look like an ms paint drawing

Ben Jackson says:

this looks really cool, good job

theFlickFILMS says:

Every forza game’s graphics jst gets better and better.

jan schonander says:

its so tight between this and need for speed. damn.

PC says:

Little note : You need GTX 1080 TI or GTX 1080 OC for ULTRA 4K 60 FPS.

Brandon Toop says:

Nice! I love seeing a game that has so much attention to detail. Fingers crossed, one day I’ll have a system which will allow me to run the game and have it look just like this.

may cryd says:

I wanna play this game so bad.

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