Forza Motorsport 7 – 4k/60 FPS Gameplay – Nurburging [4k]

Forza 7 4k 60fps gameplay footage .


Jaysen Airey says:

Watching on a 4K screen it didnt look that good till it started raining

sean sullivan says:

whats wrong with this crap game it runs strange

Randi Ronaldi says:

In Bahasa its Called ” GOKILLLS” haha

toppdogg2k17 says:


Richard Duff says:

is this on xbox one x mate

Michael Lightner says:

looks amazing!!

PantherCrane says:

Thx DEE…this game looks bananas!

Mark Dupree says:

Wow Dee thx!

spidersilva147 says:

GT Sport doesn’t stand a chance

MISTAPIP13 says:

Holy shit! This can’t be real. I don’t care for Forza but this crazy. I’m getting a x1x. All the bitching about the price. My one s can’t produce these visuals. Christ and this isn’t in 4k! Nuts

sugarbait says:

Good Lord!

kannibalZZ says:

That was amazing.

Francis Showalter says:

best looking game by far.

CypherMan says:

jesus Christ

Abiel Rosado says:

incredible Wow after the rain you can see the sky on the wet street insane

Michael Addo says:

fuckin insane

Saul Navarro says:

man forza 7 looks insane


Amazing can’t wait keep up the good video Dee

Gamer M says:

You were wrong about absolutely EVERYTHING! You should either shut the fuck up or take off your fanboy glasses and consult reality before you talk absolute horse shit!

Matt Dargis says:

1080p is not 4k

MvC2Toker818 says:



I don’t really play racers. but I’m getting this.

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