Fortnite Gameplay – FPS TOWER/BASE DEFENSE?!

NEW Fortnite Gameplay – FPS TOWER/BASE DEFENSE?!

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James Riedel says:

This is The Forest, right?

weirdoguy says:

tip clear around the area as much giving clear view as possible also around the first walls put half size walls (by removing the top 2 layers only leaving 1 level) also might be good using your sniper

garrett soash says:

do a lets play

Raesean Cummings says:

There is no way to repair your weapons but a good thing to do is to recycle it before it breaks so you can have some of the materials to craft it again

ProBacon skogsGrisElfantKorv says:


SM0kE69eR says:

hey slip make sure you harvest as much as you can during missions especially in the caves take advantage or that quartz and copper ore, Its really useful for making better weapons later on

Ty Guy says:


Daniel Skarsten says:

you can’t repair but if you have the scamatic then you can build another so when the weapon brakes it brakes so it’s best to upgrade the schematic not the weapon

Sue Walker says:

turn your mikes down

oStone77o says:

Like two trailer park girls.

SusBusGaming says:

So why are they called the pojkband

Shadow Stalker says:

Love the intro slip

Kuba McMunn says:

RIP K dog

Ark Survival Master says:

More ragnarok please

XMagic_ Shotx says:

play this more plz

Renegade Gray says:

Can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re playing Fortnite!!!

Tubby 0781 says:

Just wait until you get to Plankerton it gets way harder

John Doe says:

Did you choose to ignore the blue target while mining for a reason slip? I dont know what it does so maybe its a bad thing?

ching chong says:


Chris Williams says:

Sl1p searching the bushes couches etc is worth more gathering points then mining/cutting trees. so be sure to hit those as well. Also making ammo is the highest yield.

LEONIDAZ Salas says:

more fortinite pls

ImpulZ Bolt says:

mmm could you play this game solo and still have fun ??

Bob Smith says:

Ark ragnarok?

Gamertag: Juice says:


bob ert says:

check out “hypercharge unboxed” its a lil like this

Enrique Rodriguez says:

Slip I love you and your content but your not very good at the Game

William Bee says:

Glad you and the band got into this game. I couldn’t get into Ark, but this is like the best base-defense aspect of the forest in a faster-paced environment.
Great video man

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