Fortnite Battle Royale In 60 FPS Gameplay On Every Console

Fortnite Battle Royale now runs in 60 FPS on every modern console after the last patch. here’s a montage of each console in action.

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Léo Kalkmann says:


XG GAMER7 says:

What was it running on before

Aheeem says:

What am i supposed to be looking at? Honestly though no FPP no thanks, casual af Sesame St. game

MrDucky says:

on og xbox nothing load when you land titlted lmao

plentifulpond 64 says:

You forgot to test it on Atari 2600

Triggered Feminist says:

I noticed a huge difference

SpectraPhantom says:

Lmao these pc guys have so much insecurities about their real lives that they need to make themselves Feel cooler for having a PC. Oh? I broke your PC code? Can’t talk about IRL? Too bad!

gabriel solano says:

they need to add customization to character like shirt,pants,shoes,gloves,hair,skin color, and gender.

ak47ola/ Gamereviews says:

Did they sacrifice visuals for this or did they just work on the optimization?

Benja Lorenzo says:

This option was available like 2 month ago, it was call “uncap framerate”

Walker Downs says:

I didn’t expect they’d like you know, all look the same

TheOneTheOnly W says:

Lol it all looks the same. And what changes are there aren’t really worth mentioning.

show timefu says:

It feels like I got imput lag with 60 fps or something

Mr Mccreamy says:

Looks amazing

Cosmic Owl says:

Every console … but no for switch , where you dont even have apps . But hey , you have a ton of remakes and indie crap games .

No username says:

That’s not 60fps though

YouAppreciateMe says:

That damn pump shotgun

kenway leviathian says:

Come on pubg

Gerald Flynn says:

meanwhile PUBG on X1 runs and looks like a clay stop motion movie!!….And they’re using the same engine!!!

AlienGamer 11 says:



I can’t wait to fucken play tonight!

Giovanni P. says:

Bruhhhh, it’s sooo good

CaptainDieg says:

I don’t care I’m a PC Gamer

Because ChickenNuggets says:

whoever comments on this first is gau

Nicolas Silva says:

i thought this wasn’t possible, even on xbox one, gratz to epic games for making a very optimized engine like unreal engine 4

Glowing Aleks says:

You mean to tell me they have a John Wick skin? Guess who’s dropping cash on a bunch of loot box bullshit.

Mahir Ahmed says:

I love the new John Wick skin they added

warfare112593 says:

I thought the game was running way smoother after the update.

TyrannyforSupper says:

i guess ill download on ps4 now, good thing you can link your epic account and ps4 account on pc. i dont have to start over!

Jack Meyers says:

Who else thinks that skin is John Wick?

Crixus V2 says:

Next is to make the game Cross play……plz Epic… it

The01xboxer says:

Graphics on consoles with 60 fps settings on look even more horrendous than they already were on these useless machines for kids 😀

Nick White says:

Is there a John Wick skin in Fortnite?

EnterTheKyuubi says:

Is that a John Wick skin in the thumbnail?

Dre2timezz says:

Are we gonna ignore that dude on the right in the the thumbnail is John wick

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