Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – 4K 60 FPS PC Gameplay

The critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XV is finally on its way to PC in ultimate quality. Take a look at the crisp 4K 60FPS gameplay from the new Windows Edition, featuring NVIDIA game tech.

Final Fantasy XV: Assassin’s Creed Festival Crossover Trailer – Gamescom 2017:

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4 Gameplay – IGN Live: Gamescom 2017:

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Rodrigo Ortiz says:

last time i was this early youtube was still red :v

The Jiffy says:

Kinda concerns me that they are showing this with a controller and not mouse and keyboard. 60fps looks glorious though.

Sherwin Esmaili says:

Tbh ps4 looks better

Puga Chan says:

Still doesn’t fix the bad story with plot holes in this game…..

Hessey says:

This looks like 30 fps…

カメレモングラス says:


ash muryode says:


PC Techbot says:

so is this gonna be more than 100gb?

Rishi Raj says:

Get ready for all those pretty Nvidia gameworks you’re never gonna turn on cuz you’ll tone it down and play at classic 480p anyway 😛

jairuz637 says:

My body is ready.

Senor Grav says:


Max C. says:

If I recall correctly,there was a petition for this game not to he ported to PC…someones gonna be pissed 😛

Justin Hadasch says:

Doesnt look like 60fps

Tryhardblackguy says:

this looks like 30 fps

Pelexx says:

This looks awesome :D. I cant wait :3

PsyGnosiS says:

why not put the time to make this game for switch where you will probably sell well,
instead wasting time for the 0.001% of PC gamer who have the spec to run it.

Josh Blount says:

Do we get an alternate ending? Say…an alternate story path after chapter 8 or 9? You know…something that isn’t unbearably depressing for the rest of the game? …No? Not interested in buying it then.

ayush yash says:

im really excited… 🙂

BGz GamersVoid says:

Looks just like my PS4…
I.G.N is Insanely Good at Nothing

dzilo says:

Finally the poor guys can play this game in free hack jailbreak mode game. Well not to poor if they use 2k or more dollar. If tou triggered about this call 911 for help. See ya

Qeiji says:

170 GB? really?

danny says:

Pc too late release the game..

Keith Marcus says:

Hope they don’t mess up the port again, or should I be managing my expectations?

Rizki Habibie says:

My laptop will blow up

Scitch2781 says:

Looks the same as on my ps4 to be honest I really don’t get these nerds my eyes cannot see 4k lol I struggle to see my hand in front of my face

Christian McCaughey says:

Time for mods to make this ok game into a great game

ReGo001 says:

Too bad it’s so late to the party.
No interest in playing this game over at this point

Island Star TV says:

lmao at needing 3000 pc to run 4k lmao
ps4 pro is automatically better because of HDR

Winfried says:

Is there any way to port your console saves over yet?

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