Escape from Tarkov Gameplay Alpha Walkthrough Part 1 1080P 60 FPS Ultra Settings

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay Alpha Walkthrough Part 1 1080P 60 FPS Ultra Settings
EFT is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.
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English for ‘’USEC’’ and Russian for ‘’BEAR’’.


Frank He says:

PMM, really?

Márk Arató says:

Man, these developers know what’s up

nkbat says:

where can I get this game?

Oscar Garcia says:

Is this game will come to console

Ariat Cowboy says:

Isn’t it funny that now we are going to war with Russia……. IRONY

robby dalziel says:

does any one if it “is” coming to xbox and ps4

Ali BlaBlaBla says:


Donte Anderson says:

is this on steam

Plank Tonn says:

you don’t deserve to play this game dukemnukem

Loco HDP says:

can i run this game atleast on minimun with this specs??

Intel Core i3-6100T 3.2GHz; 256GB SSD; 8GB DDR3
AMD Radeon R9 M470X 2000MB

Wooglet says:

it is a mix of a game called insurgency and rust

Mr Opi says:

@etuM are you for real? even if the comparison was just graphical ( cause gameplay as nothing to do with any game out there atm ) , it still is a terrible comparison… h1z1 looks really bad and cartoony.

JPKnoxx says:


Jdog Central says:

when you see scavs try to kill them be4 they shoot the pistols they are new. but once shot even once you cant sell them for full price. also brake down guns could sell for alot

Rollin HD says:

dumb question but will this be coming to console?

floox says:

when you have your bullets in your chest you can relode without going in your inventory

Alexander Larosa says:

your supposed your supposed to click search on the armor to shee what he had

Cornrow Kenny says:

Nice vid

Jeffrey Verity says:

the helmet goes into the helmet slot

I'm rape everything says:

I hate you tubers that talk real loud through the hole gameplay

joe jefferson says:

looks crappy

Callum Bates says:

Gameplay starts at 6.40

Thiago corrêa says:


LooLooL says:

That trailer was well made and so good.

ChiaroscuroxX says:

wait were those all players?

chrisibe says:

Scroll down in the options menu. There are more settings you can change.

Ax Greenious says:

I’m happy I paid $140 for this game! Best game I’ve played in decades and it’s on in Alpha.

gogo cat says:

Another no head no brain shooter

K0bIMuscles says:

They’re having trouble after this last update

BWF says:

the raid ?

TWITCH6666 says:

Maybe do some research

Zoe Zero says:

Don’t do drugs

Vasil Zahariev says:


Ciri says:

Witcher 3 is still better!!!

Angel Bennal says:

Does it have a release date?

RG Gaming says:

What’s in your pc

Ivan Velez says:

this hurts to watch him not realize when you look on a body you have to click search on the backpack to see if there is anything on him. its so obvious and yet…

Cristiano dos Santos Gomes says:



Rommy Erdian says:

those enemies you killed probably just AI

22jLee says:

Your reactions are sooo…. retarded stop streaming.

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